Thursday, April 20, 2017

REVIEW: Foodaholic Snail Moisture Hand Cream

Hi! Today Im gonna be reviewing a Korean beauty product that I dont normally use but bought it cos it was cheap and on sale. Haha

Im talking about Foodaholic's Snail Moisture Hand Cream. To be honest, our hot weather doesn't really require our hands to be moisturized because its already too hot, unlike in countries where they have winter and its cold. But I am working in an air-conditioned office and sometimes I find it essential to actually have a hand cream with me to moisturize my hand.

The packaging itself id very simple and clean, which is good. It comes in a standard tube container which is also hygienic compared to hose in tubs.

I'm pretty sure you've heard about snail secretes being a staple in some Korean Beauty Products, and this hand cream isn't an exemption. Now lets go take a look at how the product actually fared as far as its promises are concerned.

[] Keep your hands soft and silky.
[] Fragrant fresh feeling.
[] Keeps hands hydrated.
[?] Improves the elasticity of the skin.

This one whole tube is actually quite big at 100mL and I reckon it will last me for 2-3 months specially since I don't religiously use it. The ingredients and what nots are written at the back of the packaging itself and well, its in Korean so I can't read them. Not yet *_*

The cream itself is white in color, and has a faint smell which I actually don't mind. It doesn't irritate me that much though I cant describe what the smell is. I know it doesn't smell like snail though lol.

Its just like any other hand cream in appearance, nothing special there. But having snail secretes on your hand is something that doesn't happen everyday so its still amazes me.

Upon application, I feel like its not absorbed easily by my skin so I had to rub it a while before its fully absorbed. Its also sticky for me, but not to the point of me hating it. I guess most hand lotion/creams are sticky except if its water based I believe? Besides, this one promises moisture.

Here's a comparison of my hand with one side having no hand cream and the other one with the cream applied. You can instantly see that its really moisturized (well its a hand cream after all) and its quite shiny (forgive my lack of vocabulary). The dewy look is a staple for most Koreans and if my hands will look this moisturized all the time then count me in! I just wish my skin on my face would be this dewy too haha.

Overall I really like the product for its sole purpose of moisturizing my hand specially when its cold at work. Its affordable and I got it on sale plus the tube is quite big, I've had it for months and I'm not even halfway yet. Its a good thing to have when I need to moisturize my hand. As for the elasticity claim that it has stated I can't yet comment on that as I haven't really been using it for a long time but hopefully when I finish the tube I might get the answer to that.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sephora x Guerlain Haul: First Impression

Hi~ Today I am gonna be doing a picture heavy post to show something that Im currently using at the moment. Its something that im really excited about as its my first time to try out this brand. Can you guess what it is? Lol

Parcel from Sephora PH (tightly wrapped in bubble wrap)

Sephora PH x Guerlain! Yup, the parcel contains loots from Guerlain. Im pretty sure you've all heard of the brand. Remember those uber popular meteorites that could highlight and brighten your face? Yep, its that brand. And its an expensive brand if I may say so (Im a cheapo haha)

So here's what I got: Guerlain Abeille Royal Mask, Kiss Kiss Lipstick and Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Lotion/Toner. Ive only been using the items for a couple of days, enough to let me give my first impression about the products. I chose these items as Im currently trying to heal my skin (Korean Skin Care Routine) and I have very high hopes about these items being effective. I plan to use it for a month to see if it has any effects so do watch out for a detailed review soon.

Mask, Lipstick, Lotion/Toner and a free Guerlain Pouch! Yay

For now, Im just gonna pop this post with lots of photos about the products and a couple things here and there, as well as my initial reaction and whatnot for using the items for the past week.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Repairing Honey Mask

This is actually a mask that I use before I go to sleep, so its kinda similar to a sleeping pack I guess? Although the instruction says to use it for 2 to 3 times per week only, I used it daily. I didnt do a test patch but I havent experienced any bad reaction yet so I guess thats a good thing.

Can I say that the packaging is really pretty? Its made of glass so I reckon that its breakable, but still I cant help but admire the packaging and the engraving at the top.

This is the second product that I got. Its a red lipstick. I know I have way too many reds but a girl can never have enough red lippies.

Heres a comparison of how the color looks like with flash and without flash. Its a pretty red color but I dont find it too striking for a shade of red. Its definitely something I can wear everyday. Swatches soon!

Last item that I got is this toner/lotion. Lately Ive been breaking out due to stress and I need something similar to my trusted CosRX BHA A-Sol. Ive checked the ingredients and it isnt in any way similar to CosRX but Im hoping this will fix my current dull skin.

Packaging wise, its kinda breakable as its made of glass as well. But plus points for how it looks as its definitely one of the best packaging Ive ever seen.

And lastly, this free pouch from Guerlain is so pretty! Who doesnt love pink?? I love the pastel colors and the details on the handle. Im using it as a makeup pouch and its just so pretty :3


And there you go! My first experience with Guerlain and Sephora PH. I am really super happy I got the chance to experience this. Although its really quite pricey for my liking, but if the outcome is terrific then I might just splurge into buying more from Guerlain. But for now, Ill continue using the items and see how it goes after a month.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Review: Magnetic Nail Polish #60 from Born Pretty Store

I cant believe this post has been in my drafts for 3 years! HAHA. Seriously? Im not even sure if Magnetic Nail Polishes are still in today. Oh well, better late than never :D

Wayback 2014, magnetic nail polishes came to be. Im glad I was able to take part of this trend, as Born Pretty Store sent me this pretty nail polish to try out. I cant decide which color to choose as I love everything from the collection, so I settled for something dark in shade as I think the design would show up more in darker shades.

Oh well, excuse my nails as my application isnt really that great. And to be honest, I only managed to apply it on my left hand because you know how it is when you are used to using the right hand, the left hand pretty much is not working lol.

And since this is something Ive drafted years ago, I no longer have photos of the tool I used, but you can find more info about the product and the steps at Born Pretty Store. Enjoy the photos!

What do you think of this trend? I know its been 3 years but were you able to try this one out too? 

Products Used:

1PC New Magnet Plate/Magic Board for Magic Magnetic Nail Art Polish
Nail Polish Super Sale