Thursday, September 7, 2017

Naturals by Watson's: Argan Oil Hair Care Products

NOTE: This isnt a full review, but more of a first impression. Will update this post after a few weeks to see if there are any notable changes and to also give a final conclusion about the product.

Finally completed my hair care set today. I havent been coloring my hair for months now and I'm so proud of being able to control myself haha. Now I'm all about hair care and making sure that it is fixed before its too late. Ive been hearing a lot of good things about Argan Oil for tha hair and decided to finally buy a set of hair care products to see if it will be better.

I found these product from my local Watson's. From the line Naturals by Watson's, I bought the Argan Oil variant for the Shampoo, Hair Mask and Conditioner. All three products were on sale so I did save a few 

L-R: Argan Oil Shampoo Php 159, Argan Oil Hair Mask Php 149, Argan Oil Conditioner Php 149

This is the product that I bought first, so I have been using it for a week or two maybe. It comes in a decent size of 490 ml which is okay for its price point. It really smells good and after effect is also good for me so far. I have been suffering with frizzy hair after arriving at work due to the wind on my travel time but lately I find my hair easier to manage even with the wind blowing. It makes my hair softer and easier to comb as well. 

I was hesitant to buy this product because its just a hair mask and I already have a conditioner but decided to just buy it altogether because sale haha. This is set to be used a few times per week only, not daily so maybe its a treatment of some sort. This bottle just contains 200 ml, which is too little for me but if it inst used daily then I guess it should be fine. Smell is also good, and just like the shampoo my hair felt rough after washing with water. When my hair dried properly, my hair felt a bit smooth and soft to touch which is a good thing. Hopefully it will really treat my hair and fix the damage coloring for years has done.

I only started using this shampoo today and the smell is good. It comes in a big sized pump bottle, having 490 ml of product which isn't bad considering the cost. It bubbles easily too, but after washing away I feel like my hair is coarse to touch. I've seen similar after effects to other shampoo brands so it doesn't really bother me.

This is a pic of my hair today, which I will put for reference to see how my hair is before using the item. Its not as bad as before as I already cut my hair but it still feels dry and damaged to me. I've been touching my hair and it does feel soft at times but you can still feel the coarse texture and I'm really hoping these products will do wonders for me.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

August Haul: Hair Protect Products

I have been saving for months now and I try as much as I can to avoid buying anything not really important (i.e. korean products haha) but this time, I felt like I needed to do this because I haven't been taking care of my hair lately.

I used to dye my hair every month, and the ends are really gross. I have been trimming it lately and I dont reckon I've dyed it this year (I am so proud of myself!). I did get a few hair cuts this year and the length is nowhere near as to how it was before. I did get a rebond from a Korean Salon a month ago and thats it so far. So today I did some shopping and bought a few stuff that I am interested to use to see if it will sort of help fix my hair, or at least make it look healthy again.

L-R: Vitress Hair Polish Sun Protect, Pantene PRO-V Summer Rescue Shampoo, Pantene PRO-V Summer Rescue 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

I have used Vitress before but its the other hair product, the oily one. I think this one is the cream type. There were lots of variant for this item but I chose the sun protect one mainly because I go to work daily at noon and that's when the sun is shining the most so I am hoping this will act as a sunblock, only this time its for my hair.

When the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner came out, there was a lot of hype about it being very good. I did try it before but never really got the chance to use it for a long time. This time, its the Summer Rescue variant as well and because I'm looking for sun protection this time, this will really be a good match with the shampoo I picked up as well. 

I've tried Pantene shampoo before, but I have a habit of changing from one brand to another (damn adverts on TV). Im not so sure if this is a new product but the Summer Rescue variant caught my attention so I picked it up. Maybe this is for those sun damaged hair due to the sun and the beach? I am excited to test this one out and see if it will make any difference. Im currently using Dove (shampoo) and I dont think its working as my hair feels dry and coarse so I am really hoping for the best.

To be honest, I'm not really expecting my hair to go back to how shiny and healthy it was from way back high-school (hello long black hair lol) but at least I would love to lose the split ends as well as make my hair look healthy again. My hair tends to be soooo dry so I am hoping to revive it before I lose my hair haha. Here's to hoping then. Product reviews soon!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Get a FREE Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream from WISHTREND!

Hi guys! Wishtrend is once again back with another wonderful promotion. For the month of August, they are giving away a free product - the Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream! Yes you heard that right. Absolutely FREE. 

All you need to do is just head over to WISHTREND, add the product to your cart, use the code WISHMAX, pay the shipping fee and the Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream will be yours. Easy!

Before you go, just a few things about the product...

The vitamin cream your skin will fall in love with.
Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream

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Use the cream every morning and evening at the last step of your skincare by applying it to the center of the face, and gently spread it to the outermost parts of the face in light tapping motions for better absorption.

Grab this chance of getting this amazing cream for free :) I am excited to get my hands on this item and try it for myself too.