Thursday, January 26, 2017

Peripera X Power Puff Girls Collab Haul

I'll have to be honest - asian beauty products have the cutest packaging ever! I am always on the look out for collaboration from Korean Brands as they never fail to make me go gaga over the kawaii things. Haha. Anyways, I've always been a fan or Peripera, mainly because Kim So Hyun is their endorser and I like her sooo much. And so when they release a Power Puff Girl collaboration, I knew my wallet's going to die.

This isnt a proper review, but I already got two items from the line. Its a cushion which I think is just the same as their normal cushion, except this one has Blossom's face on it. The other item that I got is a new variation of their Peri's Ink which is the Velvet Edition. I reckon this is a new shade as well as its not part of the original Velvet shades (I think?). Kawaii overload :3

Check out more photos below. I am still unable to sue them since I got them as I am not allowed to put any skin care or makeup at the moment as I just had another session of Fractional Needling Therapy, but reviews will follow soon. Enjoy!

This is the cushion in the shade of #2 Pink Beige. To be honest I dont know if this shade will suit my skin tone but I'll see.

Blossom!! :>

And this is the Peri's Ink Velvet in the shade of Celeb Rose. I had the Peri's Ink Moisture before and though the color comes off as too bold for my liking, it really stands up to its name of being moisturizing in the sense that my lips weren't dry at all. Now I'll see how this one fares.

Cutesy. Haha. Well, you just cant say no to such a cute face, can you? I still have other items up for posting so check out my next posts.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

the SAEM Saemmul Real Tint #03

HI! Today I am going to do a review of one of my go to tints, the SAEM Saemmul Real Tint in Shade #03 Pink. I bought this from Althea Philippines, and Im really loving this tint. Sooo, lets start :)

The packaging is so cute and handy, I can put it inside my bag or pocket and it doesnt leak. Sometimes I worry about placing it the wrong way but it never leaked out of the tube so its really nicely designed for me.

1. Simple moist gel texture.
2. Refreshing fragrance in the 3 real vivid color tints.
3. It goes effortlessly smooth and even on the lips.

Color Option
#1 Red
#2 Orange
#3 Pink


Koreans really have a way with naming their products. Most of them are just numbered. I really dont mind though. I only go with either Reds or Pinks anyways, plus I dont really buy or have a lot of lip products. But I wont deny my impulse buying skills haha.

I sometimes confuse myself with the shade. On the bottle it comes of as a dark red, but on the lips thats how you knew its really pink. I could have gone with red, but I want that youthful and chic look with gradient lips and usually its with pink so I got this shade instead.

How to use
Release appropriate amount on the center of lips and spread gently as making gradation.

The applicator that it came with is the usual type which makes application easier. Applying the tint on the lips is easy as well. Sometimes I would use my finger to tap all over to achieve the gradient style, or if Im too lazy just dot my lips and smack smack and Im done!


Now on to the swatches.

When I woke up and took a bath, suprisingly the stain was still there. Even after I run it with water and rubbed, the stain still stayed which is quite shocking as I will admit, this doesnt really last that long. Although it leaves a faint stain on the lips which is still pretty, I would have loved if it had stayed longer than a couple drinks.

When applied fully on the lips, this it how it looks. Dont worry about seeing some shine though as it fades over time and you'll be left with a beautiful stain on the lips.

And now for some shameless selfies with this tint from The SAEM. Photos were taken inside with low light so it is slightly brighter and more pink, outside with sunlight it looks more of  a dark pink bordering red, but still its pretty. Yeppuda :3 예쁘다

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Just Bead It! Keyring (First Impressions/Product Review)

Im a sucker for all things cute and kawaii, and upon seeing these really cute items from Just Bead It, I decided that I need one in my life. If you live in Australia, then you might have heard of this online shop already. But no worries, Ill go ahead and introduce the shop and the owner beforehand :)

Handmake bead creations. Use them as a decoration, keyring, bag tag, or anything! All your favourite designs!

The shop is owned by Michelle Sommerville , who I shall say is very kind and accommodating.  I got the package very fast (International Shipping) and was shipped and packed carefully. The item was definitely secure and safe!

Its here! Yay.

And here's what I got! Haha. Its really really super cute. And its green too. The design is that of an alien, which is really cool. I love how sturdy the product is. It had me wondering how it was made because I was really amazed just by looking at this cutie.

The size of the product was also perfect. It fits in my hand but its not too big. Just the right size for a key ring. And since I dont want to damage my new key ring, I decided to hang it on my backpack instead. Now I have a cute bag tag hanging on my backpack. Perfect!

Now aside from the product itself, there were a bunch of stuff included in the package as well. The owner really did a good job of preparing her items because she even included an iron paper for product maintenance. Yey. But Im pretty sure it wont come in handy yet because I am making sure this little alien here is safe. But if ever something bad happens to it, like it does break off, then putting it back to place will not be a problem anymore.

Have I mentioned how amazing the seller is? She even included a small letter in the parcel, which is very nice. I had no idea that the product is waterproof too, but reading it on the note she included I was once again amazed with the product. Plus, a step by step guide on how to fix the item if ever it does break is also included. Nice customer service I should say :)

A close up of the note!

Need I say more? I guarantee that this item will be favorite in no time at all. It makes me want to get more designs :3 Not to mention the items are very very affordable. And when I say affordable, I mean it. You be the judge. For the price that you'll be paying, you'll get more than what you paid for because of the quality, uniqueness and amazing customer service.

Now before you hop over to check out her designs I'd like to point out something very important for me, as well as for International buyers as well. I live in the Philippines, and our post sucks. It would usually take a month for any international package to reach me. Plus, I need to get it from our local post office and pay $2-$3 for tax. So imagine my shock when I arrived home from work late night and saw a parcel from Australia! It took only 2 weeks (more or less) and it was delivered to my house (I didnt even pay for any tax!). Im not really sure what happened or what postage the seller used, but I am really really happy with this service. It is really value for money at its absolute best.

Aside from keyrings, she also makes magnets and desk decorations. If youre interested (I know you will be), head over to Just Bead It. She has lots of designs to choose from. Plus, she has this Custom Design product as well which I find really really cool. 

With Christmas just around the corner, I think I just found the perfect gift for my family! This Custom Design Bead Portrait is really amazing!! I want one for myself and Ill hang it on my room.

Custom Iron-Bead Portraits and Landscapes - $40.00 (Just under A4 size, sizes and prices vary).

And to make it even better, she is having a 15% off up until Christmas when you spend $10 or more in her Etsy store! Just use the code: JBI2015

Ready to make your purchase? Check out Just Bead it through the following links: