Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October Haul

Walked past a shopping mall earlier today and decided to go inside and take a peek at whats on sale as it was also raining. The beauty section had a sale and I was overwhelmed with the prices but only end up with 2 things. Haha oh well, this is maturity. You should only buy the things that you really need :)

I realized I need new set of razors for hygiene purposes and when I saw this set of 3 razors for just Php 39.00 I instantly grabbed them. Its pink too!

Ive been so into the drunk blush trend lately and wanted to try a new blush on makeup. Although my trust old Jordana Blush is perfectly fine but the blush brush that I currently have seems to have triggered the acne on my cheeks so now I wanted to try cream type or something that doesn't require a brush.

Saw this product from Ever Bilena on Facebook and decided to try it as its cream type. It looks like a face moisturizer but when you apply it, it will stain your skin pink. Hopefully its gonna be easy to apply.

Ever Bilena was on sale but sadly this item wasnt on sale so I bought it for the full price of Php 95.00. Not too bad but a discount would have been nice haha.

Im excited to try the blush on! Hopefully it goes well as this would really save me some time whenever I try to get ready for work. Review soon!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

REVIEW: iWhite Korea Facial Wash Whitening Vita

Hello~ Today I will be doing a short review of this facial wash Ive seen countless times at many malls. Im already familiar with the brand because Ive already tried another product from them, the iWhite Korea Whitening Pack Peel Off Mask (read my review HERE).

I bought this product from a convenience shop (shout-out to 711) because I had an appointment and I need to freshen up. Luckily 711 carries facial wash and this was the only thing I saw so I grabbed it. The brand repackaged their product because their items now come in cute sachets. They are all so cute I am really tempted to buy one of each :3

The packaging itself is very simple and cute tbh, it can really catch your eye and attract you just by looking at it. It is a facial wash in a trial pack, but I believe this product has a bigger tube type container as well. It claims to whiten, revitalize and moisturize your face after using it. It will also whiten and improve your skin condition with continuous use. Sounds good and promising right?

Even the back looks cute! It contains the usual product information, instructions on how to use as well as ingredients and a bit about the manufacturer/importer. Pretty straightforward like most product package.

Oh! It says it can also help prevent pimples. Yay for me as I'm acne prone so anything that will help against acne is a yes for me.

It also claims to help remove excess oil and any impurities on the skin, so as a result you will get whiter and better skin that's radiantly glowing! It contains vitamin c and e which helps in cell repair and is also good for wrinkles.

As for the product itself, I had fun using it. It's a very small pack but you can get maybe 2 or 3 usages on this, depends on how much you actually use though. As for the whitening claim, that's something that I cant yet comment as I think you need to be using this for a while to actually see any difference on the skin color. But I would like to say face looks brighter right after rinsing. Also my skin felt firmer after washing which is a good thing as well. 

I think I am going to buy the bigger tube to see if its really going to whiten my face or maybe even out my skin tone just a bit. I am still on the quest for a good pocket size face wash that I can carry all the time so that I can wash my face easily. The Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash was a let down to be honest, and now Im currently trying Clean & Clear's facial wash. Hopefully that will turn out good.

Overall this facial wash is really good, even though I have only used it twice or thrice. Ill finish the Clean & Clear one first and review it afterwards and then go back to this wash.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

REVIEW: Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

So I dropped by Watson's earlier looking for things for my hair when I finally chanced upon this product. I've read a few reviews about this facial wash and thought maybe Id give it a try.

I chose this variant as it claims to help prevent pimples, which is a plus for me. I've always been going for facial washes that claims to help prevent pimples and the likes because of my acne prone skin.

I got this for Php 89 pesos and it contains 50mL of products inside. Not too bad considering the price and the content of the item itself. I've been eyeing Himalaya products for a while now but since I still have a lot of things as well I didn't bother with buying anything till now. Also, I only saw this product at Watson's just now so maybe its really popular as it seems out of stock most of the time.

On the back of the packaging, the ingredients are written down. I'm not too bothered with ingredients as I dont think I am sensitive to anything. For as long as it doesn't give me any break outs then I'm good.

Packaging of the product comes in the usual tube type. Still hygienic if you ask me. Plus this is the small travel size bottle so its easy to carry around specially during trips.

The product itself is gooey and is green in color. It isn't watery so I dont have to worry about it dripping from the palm of my hands. Application is also easy.


The product smells good and lathers easily as well. I was happy during day 1 of using this as I felt so clean. But then at night I saw some breakouts already. They weren't full blown pimples or something but whitehead looking with puss inside and I'm sure its because of this as I haven't used anything new except for this.

So on day 2 I didn't use this and went back to my usual facial cleanser and after treating the breakouts everything seems good, so on day 3 I still used my old trusty face cleansers. And because I really had high hopes for this product I went on to use this again on day 4 and... another breakout!! :((

I really dont think this will be useful and its such a shame that I have to let this go but I also cant risk the breakouts if I continue to use this.


Repurchase? No. But then again this is just based on my use. We all have different skin types and this may work for others, but for me, nah. Im still sad that I have to throw this away.