Wednesday, January 27, 2021

My DMV Clinic Acne Journey - January 2021 Part 2

This is actually posted a bit late, but here's an update on my skin after 1 week of using the products prescribed to me by the doctor. If you can remember, this was how my skin looked like a week ago: first blog post here

Now its been a week since I used the products prescribed to me and this is how my skin looked like now. I cant see any change but I did notice the pimple I had last week has now dried up (see second photo).

The pores are still very much pronounced more than ever, and the acne scars are still very much there but pimples look better than last week I guess. Now my face is ready for my first CO2 Laser treatment!

P.S. This was supposed to be uploaded on January 15, the day I had my first CO2 Laser session but laziness got in the way. I'll post a different blog about the experience and the whole journey.