Thursday, April 11, 2019

Fashion 21 Cosmetics - Lazada PH Birthday Haul

Today I'm very excited to share my latest haul from Lazada PH which contains goodies from Fashion 21 Cosmetics! I had these items on my cart for days and finally purchased last March 27 during the Lazada PH Birthday Sale.

Looking at what I actually got, I realized these are eye products lol. So, here's what I got: Fashion 21 Liquid Eyeliner, Fashion 21 Eyelash Curler, Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara and Fashion 21 Auto Eyebrow Pen.

To be honest, I don't really do eye make up and this will be my first time to use a liquid eyeliner. I think I've tried it before but it never really worked because of my hooded eyelids but I have been watching YouTube tutorials so I am hoping it will work out this time.

Items Bought:

Last year I got the chance to have my lashes permed and it was really pretty but I find it intimidating at times to look at my lashes because it seems so made up as opposed to how my face looked so when I saw that this eyelash curler was on sale, I took the chance and added it to my cart. I haven't tried this brand of curler yet, or any eyelash curler for that matter, but Fashion 21 seems to have an array of great deals and amazing products so I am really looking forward to this.

Since this is my first eyelash curler, I cant compare it but I do love how elegant it looks like, specially with the brand name embossed on the curler.

It also is easy to use and isn't too hard to use or grip. I've tried holding it and its very light weight as well. I guess the body is made of stainless material, so hopefully it won't rust or something.

Now my next purchase is another first for me as well. Although I've been using eyeliner sometimes but its mainly on my lower lash line. What really got me to purchase this ()aside from the sale price lol) were the reviews I have read about it. They say this is water resistant (as on the label duhh) and really lasts for a long time, maybe a day sort off? Amazing! Now the only thing I need to sort out is learning how to apply liquid eyeliner on my upper lash. Cat eyeliner? Pleasseeee. 

Im also not an eyebrow type of person but you cant resist a sale when you see one so there you go! Eyebrow pencil in grayish brown? Sold! I've read reviews about this and they were promising. My only problem is that my eyebrows aren't exactly neat and clean since I don't shave them or pluck them (too painful) so I'll see how it goes with this one. I bought this prior to me cutting my hair and coloring it a lighter shade so I don't know if the color will still suit though..

And finally my holy-grail mascara! I've always been with Maybelline for mascaras but when I was searching for alternatives, this came up on the reviews and they were really great so I bought one to test it out. Guess what? It really does wonders. I don't get panda eyes plush washing and removing is a breeze! Not to mention its also long lasting. But what really sold me on this item was the fact that it was so easy to remove and that it doesn't blacken my eye area at the end of the day like most mascara. Now I bought my second bottle specially since the price was too good to resist.

And there you go! Those were the things I purchased from Fashion21 and I am really really excited to try them out. I am just hoping it will work out, specially the eyeliner as I am looking forward to sporting cat eyeliner and puppy eyeliner haha. Now I'm off to go watch more YouTube tutorials. Bye!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

REVIEW: Beauty Fix Peel-Off Mask (Oil Control and Detoxify)

Today I will be reviewing an item I just randomly saw at Watson's. I think this is a brand commonly available at Watson's so I am hoping it will be a good one. Lets start!

The product is a peel off face mask from the brand called Beauty Fix. This one is called Beauty Fix Peel Off Mask - Oil Control and Detoxify. I bought this a long time ago and have only remembered about it now so I cant recall details exactly but if I'm not mistaken, this has different variants, I think? And I specifically chose the one that said oil control because I am a walking oil machine factory haha.

The packaging is actually cute because of the shape and the design. Maybe that's why I was enticed to buy it because from afar, it looks pretty nice. The item contains 10g of product and in most cases, if its in a sachet, it usually is good for one use, max 2.

On the back you'll see more information about the item..

Product Description: Beauty Fix Peel Off Mask controls oil and detoxifies skin, removing dead skin, clearing up deep seated dirt and other impurities. Loaded with vitamins and active ingredients that will restore the elasticity of skin and combats acne leaving skin glowing and healthy. Suitable for all type of skin.

Directions for Use:
  1. Simply cleanse face with warm water then apply Beauty Fix Peel Off Mask generously on the entire face, avoiding hair, eyes, eyebrows and lips.
  2. Relax and enjoy for up to 20 minutes or until the mask is completely dry. Face will feel tones and tightened.
  3. Gently peel the mask off upward starting from the chin.
  4. Use warm water to remove any remaining product. 
  5. For best results, use 2 to 4 times weekly.

Now for those who are conscious about the ingredients, I've listed what's on the back so that you can check if there's anything that wont work for you.

Ingredients: Water, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Pectin, Glycoproteins, Hydrolyzed Rice protein, Apple Extract, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Titanium Dioxide, Bisabolol, Xathan Gum, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Charcoal Powder DMDM Hydantoin, Parfum

Disclaimer: Now remember earlier when I said I've had this post in my draft for a while? Yes, I guess its evident with the manufacturing date shown below. I know its just a year away from the expiry, seeing how this was manufactured in 2017, but this blog post is actually long overdue. I've had the content sitting in my drafts for years haha. So yes, I have already sued the item a long time ago, the photos are even from 2 years ago but I only got the chance to finalize the content and post it today, hence the discrepancy with the dates.
It says exclusively distributed by Watson's, so it must be one of those brands that you can only get from Watson's. I know they have plenty of brands under their name so its a bit hard to choose which one to buy..

Now the product comes off as grayish in color, hmm charcoal perhaps? I quite like masks with charcoal because I feel like it can really clean my face after. Isn't that what the charcoal ingredient/variant in most beauty product is for?

Now when you apply it to your face, it also comes off as gray in color! I think the peel off mask from Megan or even the ones from Daiso are a bit darker and more black compared to this. Not that it makes any difference but just for color reference if it helps..

I don't have any photo of the mask when removed because that could be gross but I knew for a fact that I never bought this item again. Why/ I feel like it didn't work for me as a peel off mask. Maybe in cleaning my face yes, but the oil control part? Nope. I remember I was on the quest for the best peel off mask that can really help me specially when it comes to whiteheads and blackheads and I was trying this that. On the contrary, this item never claims to remove whitehead so maybe I was wrong in choosing this item for that sole reason. But still, I didn't see any major difference. It might be good to use once a month, but as a staple in my routine? I think no.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

REVIEW: The Face Shop Watery Tint in #02 Coralster

Today I'm gonna be reviewing my second watery tint from The Face Shop. I actually got both tints on sale, 2 pcs for Php 250. This second tint wasn't even in my choices, but after testing it on my arms and waking up the next day with the tint still on it I realized this could be a good one, and so I went back to buy it.

Photos were taken at night so it might appear a bit off, but in daylight setting the bottle looks more of an orange, hence the shade name "Coralster". So i never really wanted this because well its orangey and coral doesn't look good on me, but the tester actually left a shade of a nice pink on my arm, which is a bit puzzling for me.

The packaging is pretty straightforward and simple, which can be a good thing. Unlike most Korean products, this lip tint has no girly girl looks on it but just a very simple and classy one. On the bottle itself you will see the product name and the brand name.

I am not familiar with grams and ounces and quantity versus price and stuff but this one contains 5g worth of product. And for the price I got it for? Steal!

On the back packaging you can see the name of the shade which is "Coralster". It doesn't say much, or maybe it does but its in Korean so..

The applicator wand, for me is just like any other lip tint applicator. It does the job, yes. It isn't that long and not that short either. Application has always been easy for me as it glides smoothly on my lips and never gave me any trouble at all. I also find it easy to apply on the corners of my lips.

Don't be scared about the initial color on the bottle. I know its a bit scary as it does look orange on the package, plus the name says coral but trust me, looks can be deceiving. Here I've swatched it on my arms and although it has a hint of orange at first, but wait till it settles completely and has dried up. I just don't like how this seems to be sticky? I mean, comparing it to my The Face Shop Watery Tint in #05 Cherry Red which is watery and runny (thus the name watery tint lol), this one is a bit sticky for my liking and sometimes application is a bit hard as it forms lumps.

I've washed my hands with running water for about 3 to 5 seconds and rubbed my hand as well. Now it has faded a bit and has dried up completely but you can still see the color. I don't really understand why its called coral when its pink for me. I mean, coral should be something orange-ey, right? Haha

Now my lips are really pigmented so the color might be different than the swatches but here you go! I've put a little bit on my lower lip and you can see how pink it is as opposed to my upper lips.

Now here I've tried putting it on both lips, but not as much as you would if its a lipstick. I actually like this style wherein you just dab a little of the product cos I think it makes you look young and fresh, if that makes sense haha.

Overall I am totally sold and in love with this item. Whenever its on sale, I try my best to drop by the mall to pickup a couple of bottles. But even without the sale, the item is still very affordable so I will definitely repurchase, specially this color. Hopefully I can try all shades. Maybe next time.