Sunday, April 15, 2018

April Haul - Korean Lip Tint Products

Girls will always be girls, cos you just cant have enough lip tints. Yass! That's what I told myself when I added these products to my cart, and now they're here!

I know I already have a lot in my stash, but I just cant say no when I see a new liptint :3 Say hello to three new additions to my ever-growing lip tint collection. 

I bought The Saem Real Gent Tints in Chateau Burgundy and Darjeeling Tea, and Pony Effect Deep and Pure Lip Tint in Eventful. The first two aren't new brands as I've tried two of their lip tints already so Im pretty familiar with it, but its my first time buying and using one from Pony Effect so I'm a bit excited about it.

These are supposed to be very very long lasting and pigemtned according to the reviews, and Ive been contemplating about getting them or not. So when I saw the opportunity (read: SALE), I wasted no time and bought two out of the four shades haha.

Now this isnt supposed to be part of the equation, but when I googled "best lip tint" and "long lasting lip tint", this brand shows up on the result list alongside Peripera and The Saem so I thought, okay lets try it. Debating for the shade was another story but in the end I chose the shade called Eventful.

I have been using the Pony Effect Tint and OMG I am so in love. I am awaiting for the other colors to be in stock and I will get more! Ill be posting reviews about these products soon so stay tuned :)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

A-line Off-the-shoulder Short Prom Dress from MillyBridal

Its prom season once again, and that means its time to shop for the perfect prom dress! And while there are many different styles, designs and colors to choose from, I always go for that outfit that would be comfortable for me. Well, guess what? I think I found it!

The color is just too perfect. Its like a dusty light blue color which is close to being white, but still with a hint of color! I love the details on this dress and the dainty cute designs, with the complementary ribbon belt too! Plus it comes with a tulle style skirt which is just my style.

Now the back has a very intricate design too, similar to that of a corset which makes it even more elegant for me.


  • Silhouette:A-line
  • Hemline:Short/Mini
  • Neckline:Off-the-shoulder
  • Fabric:Satin, Tulle
  • Sleeve Length:Sleeveless
  • Embellishment:Appliques Lace, Sashes / Ribbons
  • Back Details:Lace-up
  • Waist:Natural
  • Fully Lined:Yes
  • Boning:Yes
  • Occasion:Prom
  • Straps:Regular Straps
  • Years:2016
  • Trend Collections:Sweet & Flow

Check out the video below to see more details about this fabulous outfit! Cant wait to try this out personally!

Want to buy this prom dress? Check out the links below!

► Shop This Short Prom Dress:
►US MillyBridal:

Saturday, February 24, 2018

First Impression and Unboxing - SJ400 Air Wifi Action Camera from SJCam

A few days ago I finally received my SJ400 Air Action Camera from SJCam Philippines via Lazada. I got it for Php 2249.00 only. I was actually debating between this and the regular SJ400 Action Camera as the price difference isnt that much but I went for this anyway.

Actual box and the label

On the lower left side are the specifications of the camera for easy checking. The camera claims to be 4K capable with Full HD and with a 2 inch view-able screen. Cool!

The camera itself is housed in a plastic casing and is easily seen when looking at the box. I personally like the simple packaging as it looks classy for me.

On the side of the box you can see whats included in the package: the camera itself, camera waterproof case and some accessories.

To verify the authenticity of the item theres a scratch box on the other side for verification purposes. To download the phone application to be used for the camera, I just scanned the bar code here.

This is where the accessories are. I so love the box and the gold like embossed label for accessories! Nothing special on the inside though, but still A+ for the packaging.

The standard package includes the manual and some stickers, plus the USB cord/wire for charging and for file transfer. Note that theres no plug/adapter included so you have to buy one or just plug through a power bank or computer to charge.

These are the free accessories. I dont really know if I need them but its good to know that I have them for free. I have way more accessories on my Xiaomi YI Cam compared to these, but we will see if I can really use it all.

And the camera! I chose the black color. Matte black I think? Because I love black. Plain and simple. The case is also very nice. It isnt like your generic waterproof casing. I had a hard time opening the case because of its lock feature plus it also is very sturdy, hard and secure in my opinion.

These are the buttons on the right side for navigation purposes on the camera. Can you see the thick border rim on the camera lens part? 

Theres the power button in front of the camera.

Theres another button on top of the camera as well for navigation and for taking pictures. And the notorious lock for the case that had me puzzled for a good 5 minutes jsut thinking about how to open the case lol.

On the other side is where the USB slot is, plus another slot for HDMI I think? I kinda forgot sorry.

And of course, the 2 inch screen on the back for viewing whenever you're taking photos, videos or just simply doing a playback of what you've taken so far.

You can connect the camera on to your phone via WIFI for easy navigation specially in taking pictures.

It comes with the manual written in English and other languages, whichever you prefer.

Here's a quick guide for the navigation buttons.

Here's a side by side comparison of my Xiaomi YI Cam and the SJ400 Air Action Camera. Roughly the same sizes and the design, with the excemption of some navigation button placement. I love the quality of my photos on my YI Cam so I hope the SJ400 Air can deliver good results too.

Battery and the SD Card. Battery is free of course but the SD card will be a separate purchase.

The battery packs 900mAh which doesn't seem that much so you might want to consider buying a second battery. I am currently in the hunt for another one to pack just in case.

In the flesh! I really love the matte black design and color.

This is where the battery is placed. Just open the lock and insert the battery.

The SD Card slot is located on the same side as the USB slot too.

I havent used the camera yet due to work schedule but I plan to use it next month on a trip to Bantayan Island. I am really excited about using it and see what the outcome would be, but here's a sample shot that I accidentally have taken while the checking the camera. Not too bad, eh?

Once I can use the camera I will be posting more sample pictures and videos and maybe a review if I am not busy.