Monday, July 31, 2017

10 Day Blog Post Challenge

Its been a while since I last did a blog post challenge so I thought I might just do another one now. I've chosen to have the 10 Day Blog Post Challenge so for the next ten days, I'll be blogging once a day to post about 10 things which would be the following topics:

Day 1. One Makeup Product You Use Everyday  

Day 2. Two Makeup Products You Would Not Recommend 

Day 3Three Makeup Products You Wish You Had

Day 4. Four Makeup Products You Can’t Live Without

Day 5. Five Favorite Makeup Brushes

Day 6. Six Favorite Makeup Brands

Day 7. One Favorite Of Each: lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, contour

Day 8. Eight Favorite Nail Colors (and their brands)

Day 9. Your Nine Step Daily Makeup Routine

Day 10. If you were given $100 to spend on makeup, what would you spend it on? List products and their prices.

Like this challenge? Go on and blog about yours and share your blog post links in the comment box so we can all share about this challenge!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Night Time Routine To Clear Acne Scars

Hi guys! Today I am going to be sharing a routine which I would truly recommend to everyone suffering from acne. I am someone who suffers from acne since my teenage years and I am still suffering till this time. But luckily I managed to stumble upon korean beauty products, and trust me- IT WORKS! But before we start, lets try to identify what acne really is and what causes it.

Acne is a disorder resulting from the action of hormones and other substances on the skin’s oil glands (sebaceous glands) and hair follicles. These factors lead to plugged pores and outbreaks of lesions commonly called pimples or zits. Acne lesions usually occur on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Although acne is usually not a serious health threat, it can be a source of significant emotional distress. Severe acne can lead to permanent scarring.
So without further adieu let me introduce you to a night time routine to clear acne scars. First, I will show you a comparison of my skin. The before photo was taken April/May 2016, when I finally caved in and sent my mom a message saying I cant take it anymore as it is too much to handle for me. That's when I decided to try the korean skin care routine and hoped for the best. And I wasnt disappointed! A look at the after photo (taken just today!) would say its definitely heaps better compared to last year. 

And that isnt even the worst that Ive experienced! But ever since Ive been religiously doing my korean skin care routine, a lot of things has changed already. So today I will be sharing a routine that will help in clearing out acne and acne scars as well.

Introducing, WISHTREND's best seller - the most effective night care routine targeted for acne scars.

Content: (Full Sizes)

I know these might seem like a lot of product to apply all at once, but trust me its all gonna be worth it at the end. So how is this routine done? Here it goes.

FIRST STEP (KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner to remove impurities & prevent whiteheads)
KLAIR’S toner hydrates and calms sensitive skin post-cleansing and tidies the skin texture to smoothen while maintaining the optimal pH balance to help the absorption of other products as well.

  1. After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to clean skin and use the heat of your palms to help the complete absorption. For dry areas, multiple applications are recommended.
  2. If using a cotton pad, soak the pad completely.
SECOND STEP (Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advance Serum to fade Acne Scars)
With an upgraded formula with more of the effects but less the ingredients, the Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum has been transformed to have even greater hydration and absorption without the stickiness. It conditions and restores balance to replenish and retain moisture in the skin with the optimal 21.5% of pure vitamin C.

  1. After cleansing, apply an adequate amount to the face, dividing up the portions and applying each small portion to different areas. Lightly tap the area to help absorption. 
  2. Gently massage the whole face using your palms about 2-3 times to ensure full absorption.
THIRD STEP (SkinMiso Spot Repairing Serum to directly target acne scars)

SKINMISO’s Spot Repairing Serum is perfect for people who have trouble acne spots on their skin. These include red spots, acne, fresh or old acne scars, dark spots, etc. This acne spot treatment soothes and calms irritated spots on your skin. This spot treatment serum also creates a protective layer on the skin to protect and ceil your trouble acne spot away from the outer environment, providing better treatment.

  1. Apply a moderate amount of acne spot treatment serum to troubled spots on the skin.
FOURTH STEP (I'M FROM Vitamin Tree Water Gel to help rejuvenate skin with hydration)

The premium whitening water gel is optimal for oily skin where a cream type product could feel a bit heavy. The gel is rapidly absorbed by the skin, and the cooling sensation helps to quickly calm redness. In addition, as certified by the FDA for its whitening function, it transforms the skin to appear brighter and more clear for a radiant look.

  1. After cleansing, apply an adequate amount evenly to the face.
FIFTH STEP (Lei Lani Poruji Cream to control & prevent excessive sebum)
The Poruji Cream is an intensive care cream designed to soothe, condition, and repair oily, problematic skin to kick all your skin concerns to the curb.

  1. After using your emulsion, dab a small amount of the Poruji Cream using a finger or a cotton swab and evenly spread over the problematic areas overnight for a transformation in the morning.
SIXTH STEP (COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch to prevent secondary infections while healing)

Acne Pimple Master Patch is a hydrocolloid patch that prevents secondary infections while healing. The light and thin skin protectant patch allows intensive care for the smallest problematic areas while protecting the skin from external pollutants. It protects distressed areas so makeup application is possible while managing intensive care for the problematic area. A must have for anyone and everyone.

  1. Wash and completely dry the target area. 
  2. Remove the cover film and apply to the target area. (Do not use any lotion or other products before use.) 
  3. As the patch absorbs pus, it turns white. Replace the white patch with a new one. (1 patch per day is recommended)

And there you have it! An acne scar nightly routine that will definitely help you out for with your acne and acne scar troubles. If you want to see it in action, please check out this youtube video as well.

Interested? Then head over to Wishtrend's website now. They offer a variety of Korean Skin Care products that caters to most skin problems. Plus, they also offer FREE SHIPPING for orders $69 and above!

Friday, July 21, 2017

REVIEW: The Face Shop Watery Tint in #05 Cherry Red (Rouge Cerise)

HI! Im back again with another review. This time its gonna be a lip product because I'm a sucker for lip tints. Yazz, for me its better than lipstick because it isn't too heavy for my liking and its very easy to apply as well. Also, I'll be honest. Its because of Korean dramas that I became addicted to lip tints haha.


  • Get Fresh lively clear lips.
  • Texture holding moist moisture, 
  • water gel tint that expresses fresh, lively and clear lips.
  • Water gel type applies evenly without any stains.

There's nothing much, except for the name itself, the shade/color and the amount of product inside which is 5g.


Its housed in a small glass bottle which is easy to carry. I always make sure that is in a standing position to avoid possible spilling (if there's any). So far I havent noticed any leak yet, maybe because I make I store it right.

The shade I got is called Cherry Red. I like it because its a dark red shade but after a few hours of using, it stains my lips pink which is still fine for me.

Applicator is the usual wand type, which gives easy access to the product. It also has a stopper inside by the way, which is perfect as I don't want to get more product and end up wasting it. It allows me to control my usage which is good.

This tint is a water based tint I believe, hence the name watery tint. It glides smoothly when applied mainly because its water based I guess? I have nothing against water based tints but usually they tend to last for a few hours only.

Now onto the arm swatches. Personally, I am not a big fan of arm swatches (at least for me) because the skin color is different compared to my face so it may not be as accurate. But still its a good way of showing the colors.

The first swatch (above) is when swiped once. Quite pigmented right? The swatch below is when I rubbed the tint for a few seconds. Its starting to become pink already.

Although this is water based, it actually lasts longer compared to most watery tints. On the photo below I tried to wash with with running water and it still looks intact, albeit washed away.

And this is after rubbing it for a bit. Color is still slightly there as you can see even if it has been placed under running water. And for me its a plus because that would mean less retouch time. Yay!

Now for some shameless selfies and whatnot. Sorry for the crappy pics, I am just using my camera phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x) so quality isn't the best but this is how it looks like when applied to the lips. 

At first glance of the product, I was really looking forward to seeing a dark red. Which I did get but the color seems to lean on towards a pink color rather than a red. But it still looks pretty so I don't mind.

And there you go! I still have two more shades from this product line and I will be reviewing both soon. Lately I've been into lip tints so you might be seeing a lot of tint reviews in the future.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

REVIEW: Scinic Perfect Peeling Gommage Gel

Today I will be reviewing a Korean beauty product that I've had for quite a while. I actually neglected this product but with time, I have come to realize that its actually a very good product. We all know Koreans have their million-step nightly routine and the most basic of which is cleansing. So now I am very particular when it comes to cleansing the face before applying the next product.

This product is a peeling gel from Scinic and is called Perfect Peeling Gommage Gel. I got it for $6.88 online (Php 350). Since I've been using this product religiously, its now almost fully consumed.


- gently cleanses and soothes your skin with natural ingredients
- feel clean and fresh after use


Packaging is very simple and I like how it looks like. It comes in a plastic tube bottle, which tends to be messy when it comes to application (see photos below) but otherwise, I have no complaints about this.

Everything is written in Korean and I cant read it, but the label does say it has to be consumed within 12 months after opening. Also its quite huge at 120 mL so its really gonna last for a good 2-3 months depending on how often you use it.

Remember when I said it tends to be messy? Yup. Haha. But nothing that I cant clean though so its really not bothering me.

Now here is how it looks like when applied. Its a bit watery so you have to be careful with the application, otherwise you might find the product dropping everywhere. Its white and looks like lotion.

Now since this is a peeling gel, you just have to rub it in whatever motion is preferable for you. You can also gently massage your face with this product on to stimulate blood flow.

I am testing this on my hands for this review and it was really weird how it took me a good 5 minutes just to have these sort of dead skin like particles show up. I swear on my face it only takes a couple of seconds before these starts to show up. So maybe my face has more dead skin? Nah. I'm not even sure if these are dead skin or just the product drying up? You be the judge. But still, I really really like the after effect of this product on my face!

Here I have applied it to my face and yes, literally just seconds after application when I tried to rub it in to even out the application I started to see the dead skin like particles already. Way faster compared to the swatches of the product on my hand.

And with a few more rub here and there, product no longer seems to be watery on my face as the white particles started to form~

And then I got tired of rubbing so I washed my face and there you go! Clean bare face. My skin felt so smooth after and I really felt so clean.

I really cant explain how satisfied I am with this peeling gel as it always gives me smooth skin after using it. Skin is also softer to touch (but I am acne prone and have scars and pits so it still doesn't really matter).

Overall, I am very happy with this product. It delivers (at least for me) good results and I can see myself continuously using a peeling gel in the future. Repurchase? If this brand goes on sale then I don't mind. But if I just want the effects of a peeling gel, I think I can find many cheaper alternatives though.