Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flowers and Laces Nail Art Decals from Born Pretty Store

I am now finding it hard to give some time to do my nails, and so I have resorted to nail stickers because they are so fast and easy to use. In just a few minutes, my nails are definitely looking better. I bought one pack from Born Pretty Store early this year and I still have a lot left.

The product name says 5 styles but there is more than just 5 strips of lace here. I think what it meant to say is like 5 categories, because all in all I have 15 strips. The styles are mostly floral and laces, and my ultimate choice because I have this thing for flowers and laces on nails.

The instruction is just super easy. All you have to do is just to peel the sticker and stick them on your nails. Easy peasy! Haha.

Here are more shots of the design that I got. You can see that they are in groups of three, giving me 15 strips of stickers. Yay~ I am going to have so much fun with these.

These happens to be my favorite of all, especially the lace style in the middle. I think I have posted an NOTD featuring that particular design on my blog already.

For those of you who are still unsure on how to use these stickers, here's a bit of information on how to. I got it from the product site :)

1. Trim, clean and polish the fingernails. Apply your favorite nail polish on your nails and wait for it to dry.
2. Remove the sticker of your chosen design from the film, cut out the pattern and plunge it into the water for 10-20 seconds.
3. Moisten the fingernails and stick the pattern in position.
4. Remove excess water on nails and blow dry.
5. Cap with clear nail polish and blow dry.

And there you have it. Super duper easy to use and follow. In no time at all you will have fabulous and pretty nails with less hassle :) If you want to try out these Nail Art Decals, you can check them out at Born Pretty Store.  The whole pack cost me only $2.99, and its FREE SHIPPING too. And dont forget to use the code JELW21 so that you can avail the additional 10% OFF your total purchases :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Oxidizing Berry

When they were first introduced online, Maybelline Baby Lip Balms became quite the hype in the entire blog universe. Or maybe I am exaggerating? Haha. But seriously, many people were so into it that I had to do everything possible so that I can also check it out. I saw a lot of bloggers review a few, if not all of the variants and I had my eyes set on those pink ones which gives a cute pinkish lips after.

And so when I finally chance upon them on the Maybelline counter, I was looking at the variants and was wondering why they only have four. I even got into a small chuchu fight with the attendant because I told her that this is not the original baby lips :D I recited all the shades that I saw online when it suddenly became obvious to me. The ones here in the Philippines are different from the ones that most of you guys might have bought :( Sad story ayt.

The product promises results in a week's time.. Hmm isnt that something? I guess that explains the hype on these when they first came out in the market.

Its also preloaded with SPF20, so you have nothing to worry about when your out in the sun because you've got protection already.

Instructions, ingredients and a more detailed specification can be found on the back of the packaging. I dont know for you guys, but I have this habit of reading everything on the packaging. I guess I just want to be more informed as to what I am about to use, but most of the time I'm just bored :D


> Instant 8 hour moisture.
> Sheds away rough and dryness, revealing a supple, smooth and cushioned lips all day long.
> Reduce fine lip lines.
> Increase elasticity
> Increase suppleness


I really love the packaging of Maybelline Lip Balms, especially the Baby Lips. They are all so cute and funny and trendy as well as the colors reminds me of color blocking. Its really an attention grabbing product so once you see it on the shelf you will be drawn to it.

Once the cover is twisted, you will then see the lip balm. In this case, its colorless or just plain white. The flavor is oxidizing berry and it really does smell like berry :3

Then you have to slowly twist the bottom for the lip balm to come out. Basically works just like most lip balm products or lipsticks.


I usually use this product at night, because I feel want to wake up to a nice result. Haha. Seriously, I know lip balms are usually worn at broad daylight, but when I happen to wake up to my lips peeling after applying this one at night, then I just made it a point to use this at time so that only me can see my flaky lips in the morning. Though Im not sure if peeling is one of the benefits of this product.. But if the advertisement says "Get back the lips that you were born with", then I guess this mini exfoliating benefit could be up to something,

I am not really the lip balm type of person, but I bought this one because I just want to see if it can really give me that baby lips lol. So I just have to put up with oily like substance on my lips at night. Now dont get me wrong, it isnt really that bad. Maybe I am just not used to lip balms, is all.

Overall, I would give this product a 4 out of 5. I am still using this once in a while at night and when I wake up, the peeling is still there. I cant really say that my lips re dry because they're not chappy or anything.. But I guess everytime I use this my lips end up peeling. And I would like to think of that as a good thing :)

Recommend? Yes. Repurchase? Maybe.. If only the US versions are available here, then I wouldnt mind that much. But seeing that we are stuck with only 4 (not to mention boring and colorless) variations, then I guess I won't be buying again.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Temporary Lip Tattoo Sticker from Born Pretty Store

I have been browsing on Tumblr when I came across a couple of photos of awesome lips. I was like, whoah! I know how lipstick can transform dull and boring plain lips into something else, but the ones I saw were just simple awesome. There were even lips in what seems to be like a bee design, bug ones and even rainbow ones. So I was digging deeper into those kind of things when I came across lip tattoo stickers. When I saw the ones from Born Pretty Store, I then realized that maybe that's how they got their lips to be that creative. I mean, yes lipstick and painting will do but I think the lip stickers are by far the easiest and fastest way to do it.

For those of you who haven't heard of lip tattoos yet, uhm here is my idea of it. Its like a tattoo or a sticker with designs already that you can choose from. Then just like those nail decals and stickers, you just have to stick them or apply to your lips. You wait a couple of minutes before removing the sticker and voila, you now have amazing lips. Haha

Now I mentioned that I found a few of them on Born Prett Store. They do have a lot of designs but here are a few of my favorite ones.

According to the site, these tattoos are 100% brand new and sealed. They would stay on your lips for more or less 8 hours. The product also claims to be safe and non toxic, so you dont have to worry about licking your lips. And most of all, these will fit any lip size :)

If you would like to take a look at them (which I know you would surely love), you can find them here. These lip tattoos normally retails at $2.28 but a few designs are on sale for as low as $1.82. And, if you use the discount code JELW21, you will get an additional 10% OFF. On top of that, everything is free shipping with no minimum order :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

August is Over {Haul}

Yay for August. I was actually surprised that its already over and yes, September is here. Anyhoo, here are some of the stuffs that I got from last month. Pretty much facial stuff which are part of my routine and a body mist which I bought because I don't feel like just standing there so I had to buy something for me not to look weird or what :p

First up, is my complete set of Daiso Charcoal Products. Yay! I am so glad my mother bought them for me from a local Daiso shop (called Saizen here in the Philippines). I got all three from the charcoal series, which includes the charcoal mask, the cleansing cream and the cleansing foam. I already have a charcoal mask and have posted a review of the product, and the one below is just a spare one in case the other will be all consumed.

Daiso Natual Pack / Charcoal Mask

Daiso Cleansing Cream

Daiso Cleansing Foam

The second item is another variant of St. Ives' facial scrub. I remember the first one that I bought was a smaller one. It was an apricot scrub but the label says invigorating, and so for my second bottle I bought a bigger one but a different variant this time. I was actually having a hard time deciding between this and the other one. Not that I know the difference but I was mainly basing it on the ingredients, this St. Ives Blemish and Blackhead Control which contains salicylic acid and the other one which has AHA. I really wanted the AHA one because I have gone through an AHA treatment, but my previous blog readings told me that I should be more on the lookout for products containing sacylic acid (yeah oily combination skin sucks), so thats how I ended up deciding on this one. Maybe I'll get the other one next time :D

St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Blemish and Blackhead Control

And then of course I didn't forget to grab a bottle of eRAse oil. This keeps me sane eveytime I have breakouts. Though I find it more useful in helping me clear out acne scars, and believe me it really works, well at least for me it does. The peeling would start even after a few hours and in the morning I would wake up to a sunburned face. Ha! Not that I mind peeling, but if it gets rid of the scars, then lets peel all the way because I have all the time in the world. Haha.

eRAse Peeling Oil

And lastly is this bottle of Daily Spell Body Mist from Bench/. Like I said, I really don't need one but was forced to buy because I am not a fan of window shopping, so I have to actually buy something to avoid feeling like an idiot. The tester on the shelf actually smelled good, but when I tried it at home somewhat it smelled like a boy's parfume. Lol.

Daily Spell Body Mist from Bench/

And there it goes. Hopefully I'll be back to full time blogging in the next few days.. I really did miss writing, and so does my friends from here :)