Saturday, June 30, 2012

English Murder

Well I'm supposed to do a product review today but since I left my camera, I might as well put it off to another day. And so instead of a review, I'll share to you guys some funny english grammar fail. Hahaha :p I know there's a lot out there, but here are a few that I found online. Feel free to comment and add in more and I will update my list of English: You're Doing it Wrong

  1. Pick up the paper and fall in the dustbin.
  2. Both of you stand together separately.
  3. Why are you looking at the monkeys outside when I am inside?
  4. Will you hang the calendar or else I will hang myself.
  5. I have two daughters, both are girls.
  6. Give me a blue pen of any color.
  7. The principal is revolving around the corridor.
  8. All of you stand in a straight circle.
  9. Open the window. Let the airforce come in.
Haha did any of these make you laugh? Well it surely did cackle me up a bit. I hope these made you laugh too :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012 - Delivering Korean Trends and Goods

Everybody who knows me know how much I am so into Korean Products, be it a TV or Movie, Actors/Actress, Music and most especially Fashion and Accessories and Beauty Products! I always look into Korean shops or any online shops that cater such products as I love to browse photos and see what is new in today's trend. And boy was I glad when I chanced upon . Its definitely my first time on this shop and instantly I knew I would be loving it. According to their logo, it says that they Deliver Korean Trends and Goods. Yay exciting ^^

screenshotx of their front page :)

As seen on their Menu, they have a wide variety of products for sale such as Make Ups, Skin Care and Body Products as well as Products for Men and a whole lot more. Their site seems to be very organized and well arranged because you will never have trouble finding for an item.

Make Up
Under the Make Up menu, you can find a lot of make up products like BB creams, eye make ups, lip products and make up brushes.

Here are a few of my favorite make up products from Wishtrend..

Skin Care
Another favorite of mine is their skin care products. If I were to choose between make up and skin care, I would definitely choose skin care because I want fresh clean face that does not feel heavy haha.

Their skin care line is quite new to me as I am not familiar with the products but here are a few that sounds interesting to me I would try them out some other time..

 I heard that tea tree is really good for acne prone skin so I would love to try out this facial wash.

 Now this is something that I really need! My pores have gotten so obvious lately that I really wish they would shrink back to normal pore sizes >_< Definitely a must try for me.

[KLAIR'S] AC Control Spot Serum

For Men
Now here's a look at what they have installed for you guys.. Literally, you boys. Haha I wouldnt go deeper into this because I have no idea about men products except the ones for shaving and cologne lol.

Their Body products consists of lotions and peeling pads and body wash.. Stuffs that you would normally use for cleaning your body. There's not much of a selection but their products are definitely worth a look.

And they also have a variety of other products for sale. This includes pouches, bags, magazines and socks :)

So you see, there's actually a lot of interesting items that you can only find at Wishtrend. I would have to say that they have an interesting shop because their product lines are something new to me and that I haven't seen them on any other shop yet. I am mostly interested with their skin care products and I already have my eyes set on a few items, most especially the ones I mentioned above ^_^

I do hope that you guys find these post informative, especially to those who haven't heard of their shop yet. I suggest you pay them a visit and you'll be surprised at their products :) They also offer FREE Basic Shipping for orders $60 and above, and EMS Shipping for orders $120 and above. Yay~

Monday, June 25, 2012

Review: Dearlee Gold Color Glitter Nail Polish from Born Pretty Store

Finally got the chance to try on my new Dearlee Gold Color Glitter Nail Polish from Born Pretty Store. They sent it to me for review purposes but it has not in any way affected my whole point of view, opinion and thoughts on this product :)

At first glance you might be thinking its an OPI, but I'm telling you its not because such nail polish is so expensive, and being a cheapo I wont allow myself to buy something worth that much, especially for a bottle of nail polish. Good thing I found this one on BPS, because it really reminds me os those glitter nail polishes from OPI :)

There are glitter specs of different sizes, but the most obvious ones are the bigger hexagonal shaped glitters. I'd have to say that the bluish green color dominates because of its sizes, but this shade is really a gold, thus the name gold glitter nail polish ;)

Under normal lighting (outside, without flash), it looks like a dark shade. This photo was taken in the afternoon, btw.

But with flash, you will obviously see the gold glimmer that it gives. Yay me is happy ^_^ Haha. I think this is the first time that I am wearing something gold-ish on my nails, and I feel very sophisticated with this one on my nails lol. It feels elegant and classy, something those rich girls would want to paint their nails on.

The bottle is also a chubby one, just like most glitter nail polish bottles are. But the brush handle could get you confused with crackle nail polishes, just because the handle has cracked designs.

Brush is okay, I am able to pick up as much glitter in one setting, and its also easy to apply on my nails. Believe me I am not in any way good at nail polish application but I never had a problem using this brush, except of course for man made errors like me stabbing my nails with the brush and getting the edges of my fingers dirty hehe.

Overall, its a really pretty nail polish and a very good alternative for those expensive brands that you have most likely heard about. And for a girl like me who will definitely find it hard to own an international brand (most likely because its too expensive and/or they are not locally available and buying online is not a good choice either because shipping and tax will make it more expensive than it is already), this is pretty much a saving grace for me. I love that I finally own a glitter nail polish, and I will surely be getting more of these next time.

P.S. As I was trying to change the settings on my camera, I accidentally pressed on it with a random setting and here is the outcome. Isn't this what they call bokeh or something? Those out of focus light photos wherein the lights become circle-ish and are just really pretty. Haha I cant explain what and how it is, but this bottle of nail polish certainly gave me this nice photo effect :)

Now did I get you interested with this product? IF you are, then you might want to check it out over at Born Pretty Store, or click this LINK. This 15ml bottle of nail polish retails at only $4.22, and if you use my coupon JELW21, you will automatically get an additional 10% OFF your total purchase. And on top of that, Born Pretty Store ships worldwide for free! Yay.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The 2012 Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love adventures. I am a great fan of the outdoors and travelling especially if it involves hunting out for something. The thrill is just so overwhelming that the whole experience itself is very much worth everything. Speaking of Adventure Hunt, have you all heard about the Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt 2012? Well then, let me tell you more about it.

This year, Kia sent two pairs of bestfriends to LA on a geocache challenge to participate in the 2012 Kia Rio 5-door. They will be doing a scavenger hunt, which involves looking for hidden clues as well as discovering the beauty and landmarks of Los Angeles. And the prize? A Hollywood celebrity! Awesome, isnt it?

The journey through LA will be made easier and faster with the help of Kia's sleek, high tech and user friendly vehicle. Getting through the streets of LA has never been easy. With the help of Kia's latest bluetooth system, rear camera display, innovative USB input jack and more incredible features and UVO Technology intigrated in this amazing car, the search for Christina Milian will be over soon before you'll know it.

Now as for the geography, here are the places in which the teams will be going to: The griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, which is actually a historical landmark in LA since 1937. This is also known to be the place where Walt Disney first brought his children before Disneyland came to life. Then they will also be going through one of the most popular historic music store, the Amoeba Records wherein you will be able to find rare vinyl, CDs, tapes, music memorabilias and if you're lucky you might even catch a live show. The journey just keeps getting better as the team will be able to go to one of the most expensive and swanky destinations in Beverly Hills, and that is the Rodeo Drive. Another stop will be Pink's Hot Dogs, an LA favorite food stop which serves hot dogs of course which are by the way named after Hollywood Celebrities. And last but not the least, a little bit of fun and excitement at The Roosevelt Hotel, which is in the middle of Hollywood Blvd and is home to both history and the best parties in LA.

If you want to know more about this Kia Rio event, here's a video that you can watch. You can also check out the Rio Explorer Page for more details.

Overall, I think that this event hosted by Kia is really one big event that I hope to be able to participate in. Not only because I want to be able to meet a star, but because I just love adventures and going to places. Among the challenges, I think the most challenging will be the one at the park, only because most park are usually big and has lots of people, so finding what you want might be hard on a crowded place.

Now what do you think of the Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt? If given the chance, would you also like to participate on something like this? I sure would love to, especially if I will get to meet celebrities. I wouldn't go on babble names as there are a lot that I would like to meet. And if ever, I'm going to bring my little sister with me so that she also enjoy the ride |:)

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dream High 드림하이 {Korean Drama}

Dream High (Korean: 드림하이) is a South Korean television drama series broadcast by KBS in 2011. It features Suzy, Taecyeon, IU, Wooyoung, Ham Eun Jung and Kim Soo-hyun. It aired on 3 January 2011 and finished on 28 February 2011 after 16 successful episodes. This drama is popular among many teenagers, and was a highly rated show. A special episode, where the cast of the show performed the Dream High Special Concert on a stage near Seoul, South Korea was aired by Korean Broadcasting System on 1 March 2011.

Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars in the Korean music industry. During the drama, the students learn how to develop their singing, songwriting and dancing skills while also undergoing personal growth. They also go through their love life and start to develop feelings for each other. Each one of the students has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but with the support and guidance of each other, they strive to debut on stage.

Main Cast
It has just finished airing here in the Philippines but of course I have already seen this online because I was so addicted to it. Although I do though it was not nice at first, maybe because the one I saw was the second season which I know most people say is not as wonderful as this season.

I will not go on reviewing this drama though because I figured it might have been done a lot of times already but if you will be asking me if this is beautiful or not, I am telling you IT IS. Haha It is now one of my favorite dramas. I suggest you watch it because it will really touch your heart in some ways :|

But I will be sharing with you screenshots that I took while watching the drama. I was updating my facebook while watching so I kept on making shots of the scenes which I thought were really bad, nice and sad :) Here you go, enjoy!

P.S. The photos are not in order as they happened on the show. Hehe, random :p

Okay so its Ms. Teacher and Mr. Kang. Haha honestly I think they look good together :)

Definitely loved this scene! Its when they both confessed that they were jealous of those 3rd party persons. It was really really super cute and as much as IU was cute on this scene, Jason was even cuter when he said he too was jealous :p

When Sam Dong was hospitalized, Kelly was super worried. I know right then that she feels something for him, but Taecyeon keeps on entering. Grr

This too was one of the best scenes! Haha Sam Dong said something like he wants to be the best in everything and he will do what it takes just so Kelly would fall for him too <3 aww :3 definitely suuuuuper sweet.

I think this was during the first few episodes.. Kelly is just so pretty, and she has a nice and sexy body too. Jealous :| Hehe Would you believe she was like 16 or 17 when she did this? I dont know the exact but she was really young at that time if I am right..

I cant forget the look on his face on this ferris wheel scene. I cursed Kelly for hurting him like this :|

This was what he saw before he collapsed on the floor.. And after that he was totally a different person. He even cut his hair.

One of those hospital scenes... Evil lurking behind in the form of Taecyeon HAHAHAHA Dont get me wrong, I am a fan of Taecyeon, but in this drama I want Kelly for Sam Dong only :p

Kelly fell asleep on Sam Dong's shoulder.. I think Taecyeon saw them on this seen. The look on Sam Dong's face is really adorable :3

I think this was the confrontation between the two of them when they were in Japan. The before event of the ferris wheel scene.

HAHAHAHA IU and Jason cuteness overload <3

Even when he is crying he is still super cute :)

Now this totally made me conclude that Kelly and Sam Dong will be together! Hahaha I cried at all the Sam Dong hurtful scenes because I feel hurt for him, but then again I am happy to see Sam Dong's photo in Kelly's wallet. Yay <3

I first thought that she was really familiar. Then I realized that she is indeed that starring girl on the Horror Movie White or Melody.. Have you seen it? Oh well, I dont mind if she gets Taecyeon. Their attitudes compliment each other

See? They end up together just as I had hope, wished, prayed and predicted. Haha

Super P.S. I am really for Samdong and Kelly, but somehow IU and Jason are also super super cute so these two pairs are my fave :) haha