Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OOTD: Thesis Defense

Today I had my Thesis Proposal Defense and it requires a business like or casual attire. If you have noticed, Im not so into stuffs like this and I really don't know what to wear, so I always end up picking up pieces on the very last minute.

 What I wore.

My stockings and flat shoes

A close up of my outfit. Both are thrifted btw :)

I'm wearing a blazer which I made into a blouse like attire. Its thrifted btw ;P haha. I wore a spaghetti tank top inside since the blazer has a very low neckline. For the skirt, it was supposed to be on the hips, but since Im wearing a blazer turned top, I decided to place the skirt a little higher than where it should be. Makes sense? I also wore a black stocking and a flat shoes since I’m not used to wearing heels.

I'm no fashion guru or something so forgive me if I mismatched the outfit. I'm just wearing it for comfort :)


  1. I think appearance can play a big role when it comes to defending your thesis. Good looks can make you look confident which help in thesis presentation to avoid mistake and being curious of yourself in front of all the people. Anyway, you really looks lovely, Jel! Don’t be shy to expose your pretty face please.