Monday, March 12, 2012

Nail Art and Fashion Accessories Haul from Born Pretty Store

Hello guys :) This post has been long overdue as I have ordered and received the items last January I think? Hehe sorry for keeping you waiting this long, so here are the items that I bought from one of my favorite online stores ever, Born Pretty Store.

And so here's a big picture of the items that I bought. Most of them are mine like the nail stuffs while the jewelries are for my mother, except for the dangling earrings which I have been wishing for like forever.

My biggest haul ever *_*

What I bought:

First are these 3D nail art stuffs that I bought for myself. I have been lusting over these kind of nail art accessories because of those gyarus and cute looking nails that they have. And so when I finally saw them on BPS, I instantly bought them. I already have a pink version of these bows which I bought from them last year and this time I got it in white. I also bought the bunny shaped ones because the ears are so cute :3

Aside from the 3D stuffs, fimo nail accessories were also one of my concerns because I wanted to do those fruit salad thing on my nails LOL u_u. Though the ones I got now are not fruits, these will be for practice purposes and then my next order will be the stick bundles consisting of different shapes and design. I couldn't wait, it will definitely be fun :)

This pearl bracelet was supposed to be mine. I am not a fan of fancy jewelries like pearl and stuffs but I like the feel of these shiny round pearls on my hands, and they were so cheap so I bought them. But then my mom saw them and said she liked them so I just gave it to her. I will just take my revenge when we go shopping together hahahahahaha >:)

The pearl earrings is for my mom. I think that's why she got my bracelet because she wants to pair it with the earrings I bought for her. And then the anklet is also for her, I have never been a fan of anklets though I must admit some of them are really cute. The dangling earrings are definitely mine :p Hehe I have always wanted them ever since they came into the shop, and even though its the most expensive among my orders, I bought it because I really want it. I am not even the type who loves to wear dangling earrings but this one totally sold me.

And lastly is this tiny ball nail art decor. I bought them because I saw a sailor inspired nail art online and this was the one used in bordering the anchor design. I thought they would be a little bigger but turns out they are so small and hard to pick up. But then I will just keep on practicing till I will be able to master how to apply these small balls on my nails :)

And there you have it. Hope you enjoyed reading through my haul post. I will definitely be posting reviews and photos of these items once I use them. Also I now have a new discount code to Born Pretty Store so if you buy something from them just use my code JELW21 to get an additional 10% Off your purchases, plus FREE SHIPPING too. Or if you want any help with ordering from them, I will be glad to do the orders for you and have them ship directly to your place :)


  1. Those all fashion accessories looking awesome, Especially i like very much pearl earrings. Everything is perfect for latest fashion. I impressed by that.

  2. I love the dangling earrings. so cute! Nice finds!
    Same here i'm not fan of pearly bracelets, necklaces but i love pearl rings. :)
    I'm so excited to see your review for firmoo glasses :)

  3. I like the tiny balls for nail art...I have been hunting me some of those :O)

  4. The nail art things are so pretty~! :3