Friday, September 7, 2012

August is Over {Haul}

Yay for August. I was actually surprised that its already over and yes, September is here. Anyhoo, here are some of the stuffs that I got from last month. Pretty much facial stuff which are part of my routine and a body mist which I bought because I don't feel like just standing there so I had to buy something for me not to look weird or what :p

First up, is my complete set of Daiso Charcoal Products. Yay! I am so glad my mother bought them for me from a local Daiso shop (called Saizen here in the Philippines). I got all three from the charcoal series, which includes the charcoal mask, the cleansing cream and the cleansing foam. I already have a charcoal mask and have posted a review of the product, and the one below is just a spare one in case the other will be all consumed.

Daiso Natual Pack / Charcoal Mask

Daiso Cleansing Cream

Daiso Cleansing Foam

The second item is another variant of St. Ives' facial scrub. I remember the first one that I bought was a smaller one. It was an apricot scrub but the label says invigorating, and so for my second bottle I bought a bigger one but a different variant this time. I was actually having a hard time deciding between this and the other one. Not that I know the difference but I was mainly basing it on the ingredients, this St. Ives Blemish and Blackhead Control which contains salicylic acid and the other one which has AHA. I really wanted the AHA one because I have gone through an AHA treatment, but my previous blog readings told me that I should be more on the lookout for products containing sacylic acid (yeah oily combination skin sucks), so thats how I ended up deciding on this one. Maybe I'll get the other one next time :D

St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Blemish and Blackhead Control

And then of course I didn't forget to grab a bottle of eRAse oil. This keeps me sane eveytime I have breakouts. Though I find it more useful in helping me clear out acne scars, and believe me it really works, well at least for me it does. The peeling would start even after a few hours and in the morning I would wake up to a sunburned face. Ha! Not that I mind peeling, but if it gets rid of the scars, then lets peel all the way because I have all the time in the world. Haha.

eRAse Peeling Oil

And lastly is this bottle of Daily Spell Body Mist from Bench/. Like I said, I really don't need one but was forced to buy because I am not a fan of window shopping, so I have to actually buy something to avoid feeling like an idiot. The tester on the shelf actually smelled good, but when I tried it at home somewhat it smelled like a boy's parfume. Lol.

Daily Spell Body Mist from Bench/

And there it goes. Hopefully I'll be back to full time blogging in the next few days.. I really did miss writing, and so does my friends from here :)

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  1. nice loot, i wana try the Daiso Cleansing Foam :)

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