Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: 24 Card Case Credit Card Organizer from Born Pretty Store

I don't really have that much cards, but since I constantly forget where I placed some of them (because they are literally everywhere in my room), I decided to purchase a card organizer. I saw one from Born Pretty Store and the wide assortment of colors sold me so I instantly purchased one.

I chose the red color because I want to spot it immediately from my pile of stuffs. Red stuffs are easily spotted most of the time.

I mentioned that Born Pretty had them in lots of colors, and here are the rest of the choices. The colors are soft like candy. Oh, the mint one is also pretty!

Price: $2.99
    Description: Leatherette Card Case
    Condition: New
    Size: 11 cm x 7 cm (Approximate)

    More details:
       - Colorful card case
       - Fashionable design
       - The surface looks like leather but it is leatherette.
       - Enables you to put your credit card, band card together.
       - Save 24 cards.
       - Easy to carry your cards with you.
       - Made from durable PVC & PU.

    Package includes:
       - Card Case x 1

And here's my very own pink credit card organizer. There are actually 24 slots, but I have only filled a few of them. I am just so happy to finally have all my IDs and cards in one place because it definitely made carrying and looking for something easier. And also I dont have to worry about losing them because I know I wont lose it if I just keep it here.

One thing I dislike a little about this product is that I find it hard to open and close the lock. I dont know why, maybe perhaps because its still new that's why opening it is a little hard, but still its only a petty disadvantage which will soon wear out.

The organizer pockets are made of semi hard plastic, the ones being used as sleeves for ATM cards. Its a little longer than my cards, otherwise it fits perfectly.

Since my cards are valuable to me, I decided to place papers and other important sheets here as well. I placed my voting paper stub on the middle part so its easier to locate.

Here's a sample as to how the card will look like once its placed inside. Haha. I painted on my information. I hope nothing important else is seen *_O

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. Once I ran out of sleeve I will again purchase another one. I hope they will also sell one with more sleeves because it will be easier to organize if they are all in one wallet.

And if you guys want to order this one, you can always visit Born Pretty Store to purchase this cute and fashionable card organizer. Its only $2.99, Free Shipping already. Plus, if you use the coupon code JELW21 you'll get an additional 10% OFF. How cool is that? Affordable yet quality and fashionable items all in one shop :)

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