Sunday, December 9, 2012

NOTD: Half the World is Sparkling

And because french tip nails are hard for me (lol), I just had to improvise. And I came up with the ever common nail art style of 50-50, half of your nails have this and the other half has that. But instead of the usual colors, I decided to try something that I thought Id never be caught wearing.

First, I used clear nail polish on my nails to serve as the base polish. I also did this because I know how much trouble glitters can be when it comes to removing them, so I thought that perhaps with a nail polish underneath it would be easier because I can just peel it or something (it worked by the way, I just had to peel the clear nail polish when I took this off).

With my shaky hands, I draw a diagonal line from the top right going to the bottom on the other side. I used black nail polish for that since black is the universal line color (according to me haha). And then using a glitter nail polish, I filled the bottom half of my nails. Working with glitters is sometimes a chore because most of glitter polishes are sticky or something, or getting those chunk of foil glitters can be hard too because mostly they clump to each other.

For this particular nail design, I only used two nail polishes. Well, make it three because I also used clear nail polish =)

Products Used:
Dearlee Gold Color Glitter Nail Polish || Born Pretty Store  >> BUY HERE
OMG by Klik in Blackest Black

I think I still have to work on my lines because they are a bit wobbly and not straight.. but the glitters kind of made up for it ^_^ I have never liked using clear nail polish alone on my nails because I feel like my nails are naked, but sometimes it looks pretty nice to me, not to mention classy.

Its just a very simple nail art design, which I have come to love as well. I might do another variation of this next time.

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  1. The sparkles are soooo pretty! I'm going to try this xx

    <3 Linnie,