Monday, March 4, 2013

Cookie Monster

Mum went shopping for groceries the other day, and so I tagged along so that I can buy stuffs too. Shopped for like an hour and the only stuffs I got were cookies. Yeah, I think I'll get a cookie overload soon. Lol. Here's what I bought: 2 Quaker Mini Oat Cookies (Honey Nuts and Chocolate Chips) and a snack pack of Chips Ahoy Cookies.

I love eating biscuits and cookies, but not much on sweets. But I really love this chips ahoy so I disregarded my hate for sweet stuffs. Because honestly, who can say no to bite size chocolate chips? ^_0

I also wanted to try out eating oats, but can never get myself to eating pure oats for like breakfast or snacks. I know oats are healthy and blah, but its just not my type lol. So I decided to try out this mini oat cookies first to check if the taste will make me happy haha.

The first variant has chocolate chips too, and oat bits :p

And this has like pure oat taste, but with honey nuts.

In the end, I struggled to finish eating the quaker mini oat cookies cos they weren't delicious for me. Screw eating healthy, what good can it be if I cant enjoy my food?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But I know I really have to start eating healthy soon. Yeah, soon, but not now :p

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