Sunday, November 8, 2015

Review: Silk Secrets Alo Vera Oil Control Sheet

I have oily face almost all the time, so when I checked my nearest Watson's shop to buy blotting paper, I got curious about this product. I normally go for the Clean and Clear Blotting Paper, but this one is cheaper (and Im a sucker for cheap things hoho). SO I decided to try it out. Plus its got aloe vera, which I think is good for the skin. Or hair haha.

Its really really cheap, like less than $1 (Php 35.00 more or less), and its got 100 sheets already! I bought this almost a month ago and I still have a lot! 

The packaging itself is really simple and cool. Its in green, which of course is Aloe Vera. It comes in the generic paper style packaging with a locking thingy, so you can easily keep it back in place without having the contents of the product going loose. Its easy to carry and its also small in size, perfect for carrying anytime anywhere.

  • Removes oil and dirt from skin
  • Keeps your face shine-free
  • Soft and gentle
  • So handy, you can use it anytime, anywhere to freshen up


- cheap
- available locally (Watson's)
- with Aloe Vera
- handy and easy to use 

- very thin
- easily tears up (I once rubbed it on my face a tad to hard and it tore easily)

The product itself does its job of removing oil on my face. But, since I have been using the Clean and Clear one, I can definitely spot the difference between the two. But for the price I paid, plus the Aloe Vera, I can say that this product is worth the money I paid for. Although I cant really say that much about the Aloe Vera on the product, but Im just so happy that I got a cheaper blotting paper that does the job as it is.

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