Monday, February 27, 2017

February Haul - Skin Care

Ovale Facial Mask - Cucumber

Ive never heard of this brand before but seeing the picture and the label saying its cucumber mask, I decided to pick it up. Ive been doing facials at Flawless and they end the session with a green mask which could either be Avocado, Cucumber or Seaweed? Haha I cant decide what it is but maybe I'll ask next time. For now, I'll see what this mask can do.

Ovale Facial Mask - Cucumber

Im not really the type who looks at ingredients but this one contains Witch Hazel which is supposed to be okay plus Vitamin C and E. Hmm

Ovale Facial Mask - Cucumber

RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser - Papaya Extract

I think this isnt the right product to be honest. If you're a member of this make up group on Facebook, someone posted about this particular brand and a whitening/peeling/exfoliating product which I forgot to confirm the name and when I saw this item at the mall I just thought maybe this is the item. But reading the product description now made me think otherwise :|

I chose the Papaya variant as I am looking for something to lighten up my skin tone again. Ive been out and about, under the sun which made me turn a bit darker so here's to hoping this will give me the results I want.

Megan Nose Pore Strips

Ive been looking everywhere for this as Ive heard and seen good reviews about this nose strip. Ive never been a fan of nose strips as Im oily and these just dont stick into my nose enough and cant even remove any stubborn whitehead or blackhead. But a lot of people have been raving about this particular brand and when I finally found it, I bought two packs instantly! Im really excited about this *fingers crossed*

This came in two variants, Witch Hazel and Rose Extract. Im not really sure why I got this but I am fairly certain I read something about witch hazel being good for acne/oily skin so that made the decision haha.

As of this blog post I am currently trying out the cucumber mask and the nose pore strip so expect reviews within the next few days. My job has been really stressful lately mainly due to my work schedule and I haven't been doing my skin routine properly so I am really glad for this time off today as i get the chance to really pamper myself and my skin again.

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