Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blog Make Over = New Header + New Icon for Blog Links

I've been thinking of reinventing the look of my blog, but I don't quite know how to start. So today I thought of starting from the top, thus the birth of my new blog header. Its not much, and I haven't been doing photoshop or photo editing lately so I'm not sure if its something good but nevertheless I am proud of it :)

This is how it looks like. I used Photoshop 7 in doing this because I find it easier than my CS5. This is just a simple image made by putting a text and some random brushes. I also downloaded two new fonts for the text because I want it to look like its hand written or something.

And since I am doing a header, I decided to do another 100x100 icon for my blog to be used for blog links and link exchange :)

So I guess that's it for today. I might do another blog make over in the next few days since I already have a photo editor installed. 

Have a nice day :)

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