Monday, January 17, 2011

I Have Accepted the Challenge!

Late last year, I have stumbled upon a blog post which was about a 30 Day Challenge using a sample product kit from Skintactix. So I eagerly went to their website and signed up to take the challenge. Today, the items already arrived and I was so eager to try them.

This day, January 17, 2010 officially marks the start of my 30 Day Challenge. After 30 days, I will be making another post which will be about the whole experience that I had with the product. But of course I will still be posting regular updates about the challenge just to see and compare the results, and for others to know if there has been an effect. I am hoping for a very positive results because as of now, I am already loving the products. Unlike most beauty products, they don't smell like bad. One of the items even smells like orange or citrus.

To Skintactix, thank you so much for sharing this opportunity to me.

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