Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review: Vanart Cream Rinse

Hello~ Today's post will be a product review of something that I have used before. Its called Vanart Cream Rinse. I got it on sale from a local mall for only $1. Although I know nothing about this product, since it was cheap that's why I decided to buy it.

Product Description
  • Manageable
  • Ideal For The Entire Family
  • The Most Traditional and Famous Rinse In Mexico. Leaves Hair Manageable With A Healthy and Radiant Appearance.
  • Made In Mexico

Funny thing is, you see I actually managed to convince my mother to pick this up because we desperately need a bottle of shampoo, and since we were in a hurry we couldn't be bothered to roam around. And that's when I saw this product on the International Section, and I grabbed it instantly since they labeled it as shampoo. So when my brother used this, he was wondering as to why it doesn't produce bubble like usual shampoos. And I was like telling him that maybe something is wrong with his hair haha but turns out that this cream rinse works basically as a conditioner lol.

Instructions on how to use are written at the back but he didn't bother reading :p

How to Use
  1. After Shampooing, Remove Excess Water. 
  2. Apply Vanart Rinse. 
  3. Massage Gently and Wait 60 Seconds.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly With Warm Water

It doesn't come in a pump bottle, so I have to press and shake for the cream to come out. Its pinkish in shade and isnt sticky, nor is it too liquid-ish. Its also easy to apply on the hair.

After using it my hair looks better and is more manageable than when I use shampoo alone. And since its just a conditioner, the result is of course expected. Repurchase? Well if it goes on sale again for a dollar, why not? After all a $1 conditioner in a big bottle like this isn't something you see on the store everyday. But since its not available locally, then I might just settle for something that is easy to find.


  1. When I was small, my parents used to buy this brand of shampoo (I'm Mexican btw) and it works very efficiently :) I'm glad to see a review on a Mexican product (*^^*)

  2. Thanx for the review ...I love the yellow, blue, & green shampoos. I wanna try this one! Over here we normally get it for $1.99...its a good buy!