Friday, July 27, 2012

NOTD~ Pink, Purple, Sparkles

July is almost over. Glad that I was able to paint my nails even if I was super busy haha. Today I am going to show my nail art design. Its not that fancy, but better than plain nails, or nothing :)

The result x)

First, I painted my nails with a light pink nail polish. I used something from Etude House. I dont know what's the name of this shade because the label of the bottle is in Korean but there's a number shade for reference and in my searching I think it was referred to as Pinkade. I have already swatched and reviewed this nail polish and you can read about it here. I had about two coats since I find it too sheer for my liking.

With Flash Photography

Under normal lighting the nail polish seems a little darker but its indeed a light one.

Without Flash Photography

 And then I took out my favorite bottle of glitter nail polish. Its from Wet n Wild and the shade is called Hannah Pinktana. You can also see more photos of this nail polish in my review post here. I applied it on top of my pink nails diagonally. This is how it looked like after applying *u*

And for the final touch, I added Flower Lace Nail Stickers on the boundaries of the pink and purple colors. This particular lace sticker is from Born Pretty Store. There are actually 10 pcs in one pack and I decided to use this particular design because I find it fit for this nail art :)

Again, here is the result of my experimental nail art. I think purple and pink blends with each other so I might again use this combination next time.

If you are wondering what products I use, here they are again :)

Wet n Wild Hannah Pinktana
Etude House Nail Polish in Pinkade
Caronia Clear Top Coat


  1. Hi Jel! I tagged you on my latest post. I hope you check it out. Love your blog!

  2. hello, I just noticed that you are from Cebu too.