Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are you a Book Lover?

Ever since I was young, I have always been a reader of books. Regardless of how thin or thick, big or small it is, I would always love to read a book. As I grew older, I have started to become aware of the different book genre, and now I have narrowed down my favorites to YA Books, Horror and Suspense, Romance, Romance-Comedy and Chic lit as the usual books that I read.

Here in my place, its hard to buy a book. Not only is it expensive, but most of the books that I want to read are available in the US/Canada only, and if I'd have them shipped, it would double the cost. And so I was so happy when e-books were introduced. Now I can finally read them on the computer. And through the time technology has evolved, and now reading books has become so easy with e-book readers and smartphones and tablets.

But even though e-books are becoming more and more popular and many chooses them because they are more convenient and cheaper, hard copies and paperbacks will always be the best. For me, I would love to turn the pages of actual books that I am reading, and the feel of the book gives me satisfaction too. It is really different when you are reading paperbacks and e-books. The only negative thing about hardcopies is that they are more expensive. But if you know how to look for cheaper books, then it won't be a problem. Today, many online book stores sell both e-book and hard copies. Amazon and Goodreads are two of the most popular online shopping place for books. Most shops also sell discount textbooks, so if you are buying a book for school, then you don't have to worry about its price.

I have always wanted to build up my own mini library. And with the help of the books that I have bought at cheaper prices, as well as ones that I get from the authors themselves, I am now slowly building my own library of books. And while it may take time for me to completely fill my shelf, I am just happy and contented looking at my book collection.

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