Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello, New Year

Well its not really New Year today, but we are celebrating Chinese New Year this year which is the year of the Snake. I am a Snake lol and I hope that I will be lucky this year haha. I dont even know the exact date for CNY but I do know its somewhere February. Anyways this will just be a short post as I am trying to blog from my tablet (yeah I bought one haha). Its really weird but I'll get used to this, hopefully. And so, before I end this post I'd like to greet everyone a happy Chinese New Year :)

P.S. can you suggest an app for blogging on android tablets? I've tried searching something for blobgger but didn't find any though..

Let me share to you some photos that I took using the front cam of my tablet. HAHA :P Bored >_<


  1. Happy Chinese New Year from one snake to another ;) hehe

  2. Happy Chinese New Year ^^

    PS. I love your shirt :)