Monday, July 1, 2013

Bonanza Tip

Mum bought a new nail polish from a local brand called Caronia. As usual, its in line with her colors (which ranges from dark purple to plum or purple red or something). This particular shade is called Bonanza Tip. To be honest, I dont know where it got its name, Im as clueless as everybody else, but never mind.

Anyways here are a few more shots of the nail polish and my left hand nails. And uhm, excuse the dark shadows in every photos. I was doing the photo shoot at night and somehow, the position of the light and my camera, or maybe me all in all, was in a wrong place, thus the creepy shadows lol.

Its a nice color, isnt it? But its just not the colors that I would usually go for. I like purple and violet though, but not in shades like this cos I prefer the bolder ones or perhaps a lighter or pastel shade of purple.

Oh look! I even got a blackberry phone to go with my nail polish. Haha.

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