Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NOTD: All things Girly and Beautiful

Ive been trying to fix my nails by not putting nail polish on it for about a month, just to see if I'd get back my old healthy nails pre nail polish years. I think I've abused it too much because now Im experiencing broken, unhealthy nails. I cant even make it grow a few millimeters because it would just break. Good thing I have naturally long nails so even if I cut them really short, they would still look longer than normal because uhm they naturally long u_u.

So after the "no nail polish" period, I tried to do a simple nail art just to make my nail look nice because plain nails makes my hands look dirty lol. But I dont want my nails to break again so I started with something simple and natural so that it wont damage my nails badly.

Here I only used a top coat and a yellow nail polish for the dots. Yep, that pink color is only top coat. The label says "Natural" but I know better, cos the natural is the colorless one right? Haha. Anyways, I love how its tinted a little rosy pink. One layer gives my nails that pinkish coloring, but I wanted it to be a little more obvious so I added an extra layer. Now that's better for my liking.

With my nails painted using the top coat, I still find it plain so I added a simple touch - the ever most popular polka dots. I've seen this trend first on a Korean drama (Rooftop Prince), wherein all fingers except the fourth one (is it the index? or wedding finger? haha lol sorry) have the same nail polish color or design. I think its pretty cool, adds a nice touch to plain boring nails.

Forgive me, but I dont think I have mastered the art of creating dots. Lol. Seriously, I think a first grader can do a lot better than me. But Im still proud of my work >:)

So what do you guys think?

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