Wednesday, July 19, 2017

REVIEW: Scinic Perfect Peeling Gommage Gel

Today I will be reviewing a Korean beauty product that I've had for quite a while. I actually neglected this product but with time, I have come to realize that its actually a very good product. We all know Koreans have their million-step nightly routine and the most basic of which is cleansing. So now I am very particular when it comes to cleansing the face before applying the next product.

This product is a peeling gel from Scinic and is called Perfect Peeling Gommage Gel. I got it for $6.88 online (Php 350). Since I've been using this product religiously, its now almost fully consumed.


- gently cleanses and soothes your skin with natural ingredients
- feel clean and fresh after use


Packaging is very simple and I like how it looks like. It comes in a plastic tube bottle, which tends to be messy when it comes to application (see photos below) but otherwise, I have no complaints about this.

Everything is written in Korean and I cant read it, but the label does say it has to be consumed within 12 months after opening. Also its quite huge at 120 mL so its really gonna last for a good 2-3 months depending on how often you use it.

Remember when I said it tends to be messy? Yup. Haha. But nothing that I cant clean though so its really not bothering me.

Now here is how it looks like when applied. Its a bit watery so you have to be careful with the application, otherwise you might find the product dropping everywhere. Its white and looks like lotion.

Now since this is a peeling gel, you just have to rub it in whatever motion is preferable for you. You can also gently massage your face with this product on to stimulate blood flow.

I am testing this on my hands for this review and it was really weird how it took me a good 5 minutes just to have these sort of dead skin like particles show up. I swear on my face it only takes a couple of seconds before these starts to show up. So maybe my face has more dead skin? Nah. I'm not even sure if these are dead skin or just the product drying up? You be the judge. But still, I really really like the after effect of this product on my face!

Here I have applied it to my face and yes, literally just seconds after application when I tried to rub it in to even out the application I started to see the dead skin like particles already. Way faster compared to the swatches of the product on my hand.

And with a few more rub here and there, product no longer seems to be watery on my face as the white particles started to form~

And then I got tired of rubbing so I washed my face and there you go! Clean bare face. My skin felt so smooth after and I really felt so clean.

I really cant explain how satisfied I am with this peeling gel as it always gives me smooth skin after using it. Skin is also softer to touch (but I am acne prone and have scars and pits so it still doesn't really matter).

Overall, I am very happy with this product. It delivers (at least for me) good results and I can see myself continuously using a peeling gel in the future. Repurchase? If this brand goes on sale then I don't mind. But if I just want the effects of a peeling gel, I think I can find many cheaper alternatives though.


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