Friday, July 21, 2017

REVIEW: The Face Shop Watery Tint in #05 Cherry Red (Rouge Cerise)

HI! Im back again with another review. This time its gonna be a lip product because I'm a sucker for lip tints. Yazz, for me its better than lipstick because it isn't too heavy for my liking and its very easy to apply as well. Also, I'll be honest. Its because of Korean dramas that I became addicted to lip tints haha.


  • Get Fresh lively clear lips.
  • Texture holding moist moisture, 
  • water gel tint that expresses fresh, lively and clear lips.
  • Water gel type applies evenly without any stains.

There's nothing much, except for the name itself, the shade/color and the amount of product inside which is 5g.


Its housed in a small glass bottle which is easy to carry. I always make sure that is in a standing position to avoid possible spilling (if there's any). So far I havent noticed any leak yet, maybe because I make I store it right.

The shade I got is called Cherry Red. I like it because its a dark red shade but after a few hours of using, it stains my lips pink which is still fine for me.

Applicator is the usual wand type, which gives easy access to the product. It also has a stopper inside by the way, which is perfect as I don't want to get more product and end up wasting it. It allows me to control my usage which is good.

This tint is a water based tint I believe, hence the name watery tint. It glides smoothly when applied mainly because its water based I guess? I have nothing against water based tints but usually they tend to last for a few hours only.

Now onto the arm swatches. Personally, I am not a big fan of arm swatches (at least for me) because the skin color is different compared to my face so it may not be as accurate. But still its a good way of showing the colors.

The first swatch (above) is when swiped once. Quite pigmented right? The swatch below is when I rubbed the tint for a few seconds. Its starting to become pink already.

Although this is water based, it actually lasts longer compared to most watery tints. On the photo below I tried to wash with with running water and it still looks intact, albeit washed away.

And this is after rubbing it for a bit. Color is still slightly there as you can see even if it has been placed under running water. And for me its a plus because that would mean less retouch time. Yay!

Now for some shameless selfies and whatnot. Sorry for the crappy pics, I am just using my camera phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x) so quality isn't the best but this is how it looks like when applied to the lips. 

At first glance of the product, I was really looking forward to seeing a dark red. Which I did get but the color seems to lean on towards a pink color rather than a red. But it still looks pretty so I don't mind.

And there you go! I still have two more shades from this product line and I will be reviewing both soon. Lately I've been into lip tints so you might be seeing a lot of tint reviews in the future.

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