Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Furnitures for my New Room

Yay~ We are almost done with our new house, and soon we will be moving in. That only means one thing, I'll have my very own room, and I can decorate it according to my style. Hurray! I have actually been browsing through Tumblr and WeHeartIt for ideas on how to decorate my room, and here are some of the inspirations that I found. I am actually torn between painting my walls a mint green (because its a pretty color) or do an ombre style wall with pink and purple (because its cool too). But then again, the idea of having a modern and chic room with black and white furniture is also very tempting O_o. So my ideas are still a little mixed up, but here it goes.

Style #1: This is actually very cute, haha. The colors remind me of watermelons. Nom. But really If I wanted to be all cute and stuff, I'd definitely go for this. But then finding the other furniture to match this would be a little difficult I guess. And to think I'm not really good at designing and all.

Style #2: If I opt for the black and white modern chic style, I'd definitely have something like this. White walls against black furniture? Definitely screaming class! Haha. Besides, white walls have that really clean feeling. And I just love black.

Style #3: OMG I just about died when I saw this! This is one of my dream rooms. I love the very cool feeling brought about by the green color. Its really very pretty, and very refreshing. If I pursue with the mint green thing, I'd definitely go for this look! Very simple yet very organized and beautiful.

Style #4: If I go with the ombre pink/purple style, I want a simple bed just like this because I dont want the attention to be focused on my furniture, but instead on my walls because I already have a lot of stuffs to put on my walls like decorations, posters, frames and all. Haha.

Also, if I'd have enough space I also plan to put in a small sofa or bean bag chair for lounging purposes. I love reading books so If I dont want to lay on my bed while reading, I'll have somewhere to sit by. I want something like this sofa.

Love the circular sofa! Comfy :)

I guess this chair is too big, but the idea is something like this because Ive seen this in movies and its cute. At least for me its cute Haha.

As for my walls, I have already mentioned that I already have a lot of stuffs to put and hang. I am just waiting for the moving out blah and I'm off to go! Hehe. Most of my decors are DIY btw, which I have seen online and attempted to make my own too. BUT, I do need a new mirror. A big one, for my OOTD photos (should make it easier). But if I cant find a big one to put on my wall, a stationary one would do. It would be something like this.

Ha! Camwhoring here I go. Haha. But seriously, I just want a big mirror to fit my whole body for outfit purposes. And I want it on my wall, but if there's no more space, then I guess I'll stuck it in my cabinet or perhaps just a mobile one like the one above.

So what do you think of my choices? Haha. Im not really much of a help when it comkes to mix and match coz I tend to just grab what I like. Advices and inspiration/ideas from you guys would be appreciated.

Oh, and if you are wondering where I got these amazing furniture photos, you can check them out here. If you are also looking for ideas on furniture, be it living room sofa or bedroom stuffs, you can find a lot of inspiration on that site. That's where I got most of my ideas.


  1. Love the circular Sofa too, great Post :-)
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  2. I love the mirror. I need one for my home.
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  3. Lovely inspirations!

  4. I adore the mirror,beautiful piece! x