Saturday, February 16, 2013

Swatch - The Face Shop Nail Polish in BL-603

Between work and all the craprama I am experiencing, I rarely find time to blog, much more do my nails, haha. And so this post was supposed to be up last year. But yeah, forgive me :P And also, pls forgive the low quality photo as I was only using my camera phone.

Okay so today I have here a new nail polish swatch. This is my first time to use The Face Shop's nail polish as I have no idea that they too are selling nail polishes. I usually stick to the obvious brands haha lol. Anyways, I dont know where to find the shade color, or perhaps it really does not have any cute or annoying long names like OPI, Wet n Wild etc. Instead, I only found the "color code" hehe, which is BL-603. Is The Face Shop a korean brand? Because usually korean brands have no names for their nail polishes like the ones from Etude.

The nail polish is a light blue in shade. Or is it baby blue? Honeslty I dont know the difference, all I know is that its blue. And yes, its a very pretty shade of blue. It reminds me of spring (yeah, because I always associate light colored stuffs like pastel things with spring).

And here's how it looks on my nails! Haha, I know I'm really that messy when applying nail polishes, so please dont mind. But admit it, the shade is really pretty, but I dont think it suits me.

I applied two coats btw because I find it a little sheer for only one coating. I didnt use a top coat too, because sometimes it messes up my nail art (i.e. smudging). Or perhaps I need a new top coat. Suggestions?

In the end, I think this color is really pretty and perfect for the summer. Which reminds me that I have to sort out my wardrobe now because the summer heat is starting to annoy me. I need new clothes, but I think I'll stick with my DIY short shorts right now. My jeans have to be cut because I hate them already HAHAHA. I'll be posting more DIY ideas soon too, so stay tuned :)

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