Thursday, April 20, 2017

REVIEW: Foodaholic Snail Moisture Hand Cream

Hi! Today Im gonna be reviewing a Korean beauty product that I dont normally use but bought it cos it was cheap and on sale. Haha

Im talking about Foodaholic's Snail Moisture Hand Cream. To be honest, our hot weather doesn't really require our hands to be moisturized because its already too hot, unlike in countries where they have winter and its cold. But I am working in an air-conditioned office and sometimes I find it essential to actually have a hand cream with me to moisturize my hand.

The packaging itself id very simple and clean, which is good. It comes in a standard tube container which is also hygienic compared to hose in tubs.

I'm pretty sure you've heard about snail secretes being a staple in some Korean Beauty Products, and this hand cream isn't an exemption. Now lets go take a look at how the product actually fared as far as its promises are concerned.

[] Keep your hands soft and silky.
[] Fragrant fresh feeling.
[] Keeps hands hydrated.
[?] Improves the elasticity of the skin.

This one whole tube is actually quite big at 100mL and I reckon it will last me for 2-3 months specially since I don't religiously use it. The ingredients and what nots are written at the back of the packaging itself and well, its in Korean so I can't read them. Not yet *_*

The cream itself is white in color, and has a faint smell which I actually don't mind. It doesn't irritate me that much though I cant describe what the smell is. I know it doesn't smell like snail though lol.

Its just like any other hand cream in appearance, nothing special there. But having snail secretes on your hand is something that doesn't happen everyday so its still amazes me.

Upon application, I feel like its not absorbed easily by my skin so I had to rub it a while before its fully absorbed. Its also sticky for me, but not to the point of me hating it. I guess most hand lotion/creams are sticky except if its water based I believe? Besides, this one promises moisture.

Here's a comparison of my hand with one side having no hand cream and the other one with the cream applied. You can instantly see that its really moisturized (well its a hand cream after all) and its quite shiny (forgive my lack of vocabulary). The dewy look is a staple for most Koreans and if my hands will look this moisturized all the time then count me in! I just wish my skin on my face would be this dewy too haha.

Overall I really like the product for its sole purpose of moisturizing my hand specially when its cold at work. Its affordable and I got it on sale plus the tube is quite big, I've had it for months and I'm not even halfway yet. Its a good thing to have when I need to moisturize my hand. As for the elasticity claim that it has stated I can't yet comment on that as I haven't really been using it for a long time but hopefully when I finish the tube I might get the answer to that.

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