Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blogging could be so rewarding ^grin^

Okay this is just a quick post since I am still quite busy. I have missed blogging and I would just like to show you guys some of the prizes I have won from blog giveaways :) If you don't know yet, I am fond of joining blog giveaways and contests. I love to receive something from the mail (even though international shipping takes a month or so). Anyways, enough of the blah and lets get to some of my prizes.

These are just three of the prizes because some are like surprise items or something so no photo. I am still waiting for them to arrive though, and I will definitely blog about them :)

Also, if you also love to join blog giveaways please visit my giveawat blog: My Name is Jel . I have posted there some awesome giveaways that you might be interested.

How can the back crawl?

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