Friday, April 1, 2011

My|Phone QT7 Duo {Product Review}

Today I'm gonna do a blog post dedicated to my cellphone which I've had for a few months already. Yes, a few months is already an achievement in contrast to my 3-day cellphone record lol. I currently own a My|Phone QT7 Duo. Its a QWERTY Phone from My|Phone, a Filipino brand of cellphone. Before reviewing, I'd like to show first the specifications of the said cellphone :)

My|Phone QT7 Duo Specifications

My Review

 front view; its QWERTY

backview :) I designed mine with stickers but it was not finished

During the first few days, I was loving my phone. But then after quite some time, I grew tired of the keypad. I realized that it was not exactly what I wanted. But being the poor student that I am, I cant afford yet a brand new phone so I decided to stick with this one.

My view on this phone changed when I tried its internet services.I was happy with its cellphone browser, but was even happier with the built in Opera Mini. Now I can live without a computer (except for gaming purposes lol) because this phone has already become my own computer! I can surf, browse, research and even email or blog with my My|Phone QT7 Duo :)

I also like the password protection on the Inbox because I have some secrets there :P and the trackball navigation makes it easy for me to navigate through, especially when browsing. I can also read eBooks on my phone and the trackball made it easy for me to go through.

No more reading of messages! Hello privacy :D

The bad thing about this phone is its low resolution and low built in memory, which I think is the reason why I cant play youtube videos on it. Although I can surf and browse youtube, I cant play the music because it says something about memory :(

But nevertheless, I still love my phone. My mother even wants it because of the Internet but I said NO :P Hahahaha I wouldnt trade this for anything else. I might buy another touchscreen phone but I will never give this up.

Here are a few shots that I made while browsing on my My|Phone QT7 Duo. (Don't mind the lines or something, I guess its because of the camera and the screen of the cellphone being sensitive with one another I guess?)

 Its my Blog :)

 Yahoo Messenger on my phone

 Facebook? Lol

And Gmail of course!

Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5 because of the services. For the design and looks, I would say it would be better if it is improved and should be available in more colors. Also, the casing should be made available for the consumers so that we can change it according to our preference.


  1. hi i just have a question.. what is the default password for the phone lock?

  2. Hi KY, im not so sure but you can try the usual "123456". I'll try to ask Sony if they know and will let you know ASAP. Do you have an email add?

  3. hi jel o..thanks for sharing your review..may i know if you have an idea if i can use this phone abroad? is it quadband? thanks, please reply through my e-add

  4. hi

    will it charge me any credit if i use a globe simcard?thanks...

  5. im not sure about that. you might have to ask globe for info on rates

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