Monday, April 18, 2011

In the Mail Today {04-18-2011}

I stopped by the post office today to check if I have any package there, and to my surprise I got two packages. One was the Neon Purple Glitter Cocktail Ring that I won from Hollyrock's giveaway last March, and the other was a free Educational DVD that I requested. When I arrived at home, I was surprise to see another package for me. I have totally forgotten about it because like the Educational DVD, I requested the cloth patches from a freebie website, and though I know that they are indeed free, most of them works for those living in the US only so yeah, I was happy to see that it really reached me :D Anyways, here are the three packages that I got.

 Sorry for those weird stickers, haha. I placed them there to hide my name, etc :P

First would be the Cloth Patch. It came in a red plastic like paper envelope. I had no idea what it was till I read the instruction it came with.

 I like the red packaging :)

 The patches. I got two, and I dont know yet what to do with them.

 Instructions on how to iron the patches.
The second item I got was a DVD titled "Explore the Sea Floor". Its an educational DVD with lots of information and games. Im gonna give it to my little sister so she'll have something to play with :)

And the last one was my prize from Hollyrocks! Its a very cute neon purple ring with lots of glitter, so its just so pretty and sparkly :D

Cool yeah ;)

More photos about this ring will be uploaded in my next blog post which will be later :) And once again, many thanks to Holly for this purple ring. I love it <3

Also, if you are looking for cool stuffs, visit her Etsy Shop coz I swear she's got tons of beautiful items. If only international shipping costs less, I would have ordered a lot of her necklaces and earrings already ;)