Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heart Shawl Pin by Ingo Jewelry

When I'm wearing cardigans over a tank top, I love to accessorize it with pins. I think the pin adds more beauty to the outfit. I broke my pin years ago and still haven't found a replacement to it. I was browsing through some sites when I came across this online shop called Ingo Jewelry.

Ingo Jewelry is owned by Ms. Inna Gorstein. The name Ingo was derived from her name, In and Go. Sounds cool right. In her shop you can find an assortment of jewelries for sale. She has necklaces, earrings, bracelets as well as shawl pins. When I saw the shawl pins I instantly remembered that I am still looking for one, and then I found this perfect little one that I so adore.

Product Description
This swirly heart shawl pin handmade with 14 gauge solid copper wire accented with a cranberry red AB finish glass bead. It comes with a swirly pin stick to secure the pin on your garment. It was hammered, tumbled, oxidized and hand polished for more durability and style. The pin is 1 7/8"(4.8cm) long and 1 1/4"(3.2cm) across in total. The pin stick is 2 3/4"(7.0cm) in length in total. 

This pretty pin costs only $28.00, super affordable :)

If you are interested on this particular item, you can purchase it here, or visit Ingo Jewelry online :)


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  3. What?! 28 dollars is expensive for me. lol! How about the shipping? How much does it cost?

    Do you know of any stores here in the Ph that sells them? I'm also looking for one.