Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why You Should Switch to NET10 Prepaid Wireless Service

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In today's modern times, one of the most commonly used form of communication is through mobile phones. When we want to communicate with our loved ones and friends, we do it mostly by calling or texting them. Although mobile phones have become essential and important in our day to day lives, we sometimes are hesitant about it because we know that it would cost us a lot too. That is why it is important that we should be able to choose a mobile phone company which can offer us consumers the best value for our money.

One of the most trusted name in the mobile industry is TracFone Wireless Inc.. They have been tagged as America's largest No Contract Cellular Service with over 18.8 million subscribers. TracFone offers their customers a lot of mobile services, one of which is NET10.

NET10 is a prepaid wireless service from TracFone. It offers local and long distance calls (in up to 75 countries for as low as 15 cents per minute for calls from the US), as well as roaming calls. If you are looking for the best value for your money, then NET10 is the service that you have been looking for. It has an excellent connection and great nationwide coverage with unlimited talk, text and data services all for just $50 per month! This is perfect for those with businesses to handle and will also make our daily communication with people easier. With its unlimited service, you will truly get what you paid for.

One of the most crucial things about having a mobile carrier are contracts. But with NET10, this will never be a problem. NET10 is a "No Contract" mobile service, so there's no need to worry about any surprising phone bill. NET10 has tied up with the leaders in the mobile manufacturing industry such as Nokia, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Kyocera, so you will always be assured that your mobile hand phone is also of good quality. Choosing which phone to purchase will of course have to depend on your needs. If you only want a simple one just for calling and texting, you can have one for under $15. If you want more features such as camera and video recorders, MP3 players and more, you can choose something under $40. For high end phones, they have a variety for under $60.

Getting started with NET10 is also easy. Here's how it works:
* First, you have to buy and activate your NET10 phone. Then you have to activate it on their website which can be found here.

*After activating, test your phone to see if its already working by making a test call, sending a text message or downloading a ringtone. A successful attempt would mean that its already activated.

*To ensure that your NET10 service is active, make sure that you buy and add an Airtime Card before the Service End Date. You can see it displayed on your phone screen so be sure to check it out.

*If you still need more minutes, you can just buy airtime cards on their website or click here.

NET10 offers different monthly plans that subscribers can choose from such as:
* Easy Minutes Plan - an automatic minutes plan which costs $15 for 200 minutes or $30 for 500 minutes.
* Pay as You Go Plan - your minutes carry over with active service.
* Unlimited Text, Call and Web for only $50 per month.
You can also switch between different plans, depending on which suits your needs at no extra cost.

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