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Review: Sunglasses and Eyeglasses from

Summer is finally here. And what better way to arm yourself for the harmful rays of the sun and still be fashionable than by wearing a pair of sunglasses. To be honest, I have never been a fan of glasses like these. In my life I have maybe bought a few pairs but just because I love how they look on the stall, but not on me ^_O. Hmm but I do love them, specially aviators and those wayfarers. I find them cool, but why cant I be cool when wearing them T_T harhar :p

Anyways, I was just browsing facebook one day when I caught a glimps of an advertisement about free sunglasses for bloggers. I have seen that ad too many times already but since I dont usually mind advertisements specially on facebook, I never bothered to click until that day that I decided to give it a try.

It was really a simple thing. I just shoot an email to Firmoo, the company giving out the free glasses for bloggers. I had a nice, fast and easy chat with Mr. Li, and in a weeks time my glasses came via express mail. Yup glasses, because I was lucky to be given two pairs :)

Two pairs of glasses, two pouches and a few screws :)

The first pair of glasses that I choose was a pair of black frame glasses. I chose it mainly because I have always wanted something like this. Its a simple black framed glass with square/rectangle lenses. Knowing me, I love korean and asian fashion, and in most websites like online shopping sites and on tumblr I always see them wearing and sporting out glasses like this. So yeah, I wanted to follow that trend *u* Haha

I also got a free pink shiny pouch to use as a glass pouch, aside from the hard plastic glass case that came with the glasses. Pink is just so cute in contrast with my black glasses.

The case looks like any ordinary glass case with Firmoo written on top in gold letters.

Inside, the glass is wrapped in a piece of cloth, still with Firmoo's logo/website. Its really nice to find a wipe inside so that I wont look for any other glass cloth.

Now here are some close up photos of my glasses. Ahh they really look like the ones in those korean fashion stuffs. I even bought a no lens black frame glasses just becuase of all my korean and asian fashion ambition lol. Haha wait I'll post a photo of what I'm talking about so that you'll know why I am so into this :p

Here it is. Featuring my two boyfriends, Lee Min Ho and Jung Yong Hwa <3 HAHAHA I know their glasses have a bigger frame but I hope you do know where Im coming at. Gawd, so cute and handsome I wish you will all be mine :))

If you would like to have a look at the glasses, here are more shots that I took. Its really nice and all that.

Now here's another reason why I choose this pair. Hmmm remembering my highschool and college days this type of glasses was so popular because of the so called "emo" fashion, community etcetera. I am not really sure as to how they came up with this and that but I have seen these glasses in action before.. Not sure if you are all aware of that so I'll show a photo.. Well Im not claiming she's emo and all that but if you search the net for stuffs like this, you will most probably find photos of these kinds :)

And of course, here is *ehem* me wearing my new black glasses. I told you before that I dont really look good with glasses but here is an attempt and I hope I dont look stupid and all.


Okay so moving on, here is my second pair from Firmoo. This time its an RX Sunglasses in Red. I choose red because i want to stay away from the usual black sunglasses and I think red suits summer because it will be easily noticeable.

Just like my first pair, I also got a free pouch which is gray in color and a glass case as well.

I actually got this because of the frame. The chain links on the glasses' frame reminds me of Channel's logo, which for me is a symbol of elegance. I dont mind the shape of the lens, as it somewhat resembles an aviator though not really, but the chain links on the side really took me off guard, so I got it haha.

I love glasses with big lens because it somewhat covers your face, making you look smaller and giving your face a nice shape, even though it isn't really that nice :p

Here's a shot of the side of the glasses. The chain links are really nice and I feel like I'm wearing an expensive pair of sunglasses. Haha

I dont have a photo of myself wearing the glasses yet but I'll post one soon :)

And oh, I would like to thank Firmoo again for giving me two pairs of glasses. It was really a nice opportunity to try out their products. I hope you guys would also check out their shop becuase they have these really cool offers up, like getting a free pair of glasses once you purchase something.

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  1. wow! I like the red aviators! <3

    I've got a prob with my firmoo shades, I cant close the case. Well, I havent tried forcefully closing it coz Im afraid it might break my shades. Do you have the same prob with your shades? thanks!