Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cheap Nail Polishes at some Chinese Store

While buying something for my little sister, I saw this newly opened Salon and Beauty products Shop at the downtown area and went inside to take a look. The place was really nice and there were a lot of stuffs inside I couldn't contain my excitement while looking at the products for sale. Of course I am not that interested in make ups as I have a lot already left unused so I instantly went to the nail polish station and grabbed three of what I thought were pretty :)

Pastel Blue, Nude-ish/Pink-ish, Jade Green

Its already summer here in the Philippines, and I was thinking of pastel colors to compliment the weather so I bought these pink and blue nail polishes. I really thought the pink was a pastel pink one, but turns out it is not. You'll see the real shade on my next posts about these nail polishes.

What's weird is that there are balls on the top part of the nail polishes. I was bothered at first as to why they are there but then I remember some branded nail polishes that I have also have "balls" inside the bottle. Well I haven't seen them yet but I can definitely hear them when shaking the bottle, so I guess the purpose is the same for these cheap ones.

"Balls" on the Nail Polish Brush O_O

The blue is actually a favorite of mine becuase the shade is just so adorable, its blue and pastel like <3

And since it has no brand whatsoever, the shade name is also missing. But there's a number code to indicate the shade. I have seen similar color coding on Etude House's Nail Polishes, though I think the korean blahs on the bottom sticker says its shade and I just can't read it haha.

Same goes for this pink one with the color code of A19 :p

And this green one remind me of Jade. Its a dark green something right? Haha This was my aunt's choice so I just had to say yeah okay I'll buy it too lol.

Unlike the other two, this does not have any color coding or name so I just gave it the color Jade Green because that's how it is to me :p

Anyways, I'll be swatching these nail polishes in a few days so that you can see how cheap nail polishes performs. And when I say cheap, I meant $0.23 each Haha. But then again, these are from China, so you guys might have issues with quality. I like to call these types as disposable nail polishes, the kind that I can throw after 2-3 used >:)