Thursday, April 26, 2012

NOTD: Sparkles and Stones

Its been a while since I last posted an NOTD. I miss the times when I was still super excited and have so much enthusiast on nail art and stuffs. But I dont mean that I am no longer interested in them. Its just that I am super bombarded with stuffs nowadays compared to last year. With work and all, I barely have time to check my nails. And so with every opportunity I get, I try my best to attend to my usual stuffs like blogging and painting my nail :)

So anyways today I am going to show swatches of my new nail polish, as well as an NOTD that I did with it. Remember that pastel pink nail polish that I bought from a Chinese store? Well here it is.

I really thought it was a pastel pink because it was near the pastel blue that I bought. Turns out that its a sheer shade, almost nude. And worse, its got glitters and sparkles inside. Well not really a bad thing but its just disappointment speaking because I was clearly thinking of something else. But never mind, I am not going to make a fuss out of my mistake :p

Its like a peach shade. Or almost nude. Or flesh perhaps? I dont know. All I know is that its not a pastel pink *u*

Under the direct sunlight its barely noticeable. And I hate the sight of my nails naked because I am used to it having wild colors lol :p

But with indoor lighting a pale shade comes out, but still its not that pastel pink I want >_<

And so I decided to play with it a bit. I got my good old bottle of Wet n Wild's Hannah Pinktana, which is by the way one of my favorite nail polishes. I applied one coat on top of that sheer thing and voilah~ a new and better look :)

As I was returning the bottle to my box, I noticed my rhinestones from Born Pretty Store. I still have 2 wheels unused so I decided to use the already opened wheel and added rhinestones to my nails. I was trying to go for something flag inspired but failed miserably so I just started putting random stones on my finger, filling up all the spaces.

Looks weird eh? But definitely cool. Next time I'm going to go for studs haha. Enjoy the rest of the photos :)


  1. Super cute! I love the rhinestone details

  2. Love it after the sparkles were added~!! >o< The stones were cool too :P