Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kawaii Bow Magnet Earrings

I saw this cute pair of earrings on a local store and I immediately knew I wanted it. As you all know, I'm a sucker for bows and I can't just resist this cute purple thing. So I bought it without checking it out. All I know was that I want it >:)

When I arrived at home I opened the packaging to wear it but was shock with what I saw. It wasn't like those ordinary earrings because this one was a magnetic one :| The pack didn't say anything, and it was my fault for not checking it out before purchasing..

But its just so adorable for me to just pass by.. So yeah, even though its weird coz its magnetic I am still happy with it. Maybe I just have to be careful when wearing it because it might fall off without me knowing..

ugly camera phone shot >_<

And here it is when worn. Haha it still looks like a normal pair of earrings.. But at the back lies the hidden truth, its only magnet :p

Have you tried magnetic earrings before? This is my first time and I am afraid of losing the earrings.. But don't worry its just cheap, but still the thought of losing it is still a sad thing.

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  1. Theyre so cute! Are they comfortable to wear?

    1. at first my ears felt heavy maybe because of the "magnet" but after a while it goes away.. and then the pain comes back again because of the magnet :| definitely cute but the magnet is making me sad

  2. It´s cute, they should have just made it as a stud earring rather than with magnets....

  3. so cute, where did you buy it? i wanna buy some for my niece =)