Thursday, June 28, 2012 - Delivering Korean Trends and Goods

Everybody who knows me know how much I am so into Korean Products, be it a TV or Movie, Actors/Actress, Music and most especially Fashion and Accessories and Beauty Products! I always look into Korean shops or any online shops that cater such products as I love to browse photos and see what is new in today's trend. And boy was I glad when I chanced upon . Its definitely my first time on this shop and instantly I knew I would be loving it. According to their logo, it says that they Deliver Korean Trends and Goods. Yay exciting ^^

screenshotx of their front page :)

As seen on their Menu, they have a wide variety of products for sale such as Make Ups, Skin Care and Body Products as well as Products for Men and a whole lot more. Their site seems to be very organized and well arranged because you will never have trouble finding for an item.

Make Up
Under the Make Up menu, you can find a lot of make up products like BB creams, eye make ups, lip products and make up brushes.

Here are a few of my favorite make up products from Wishtrend..

Skin Care
Another favorite of mine is their skin care products. If I were to choose between make up and skin care, I would definitely choose skin care because I want fresh clean face that does not feel heavy haha.

Their skin care line is quite new to me as I am not familiar with the products but here are a few that sounds interesting to me I would try them out some other time..

 I heard that tea tree is really good for acne prone skin so I would love to try out this facial wash.

 Now this is something that I really need! My pores have gotten so obvious lately that I really wish they would shrink back to normal pore sizes >_< Definitely a must try for me.

[KLAIR'S] AC Control Spot Serum

For Men
Now here's a look at what they have installed for you guys.. Literally, you boys. Haha I wouldnt go deeper into this because I have no idea about men products except the ones for shaving and cologne lol.

Their Body products consists of lotions and peeling pads and body wash.. Stuffs that you would normally use for cleaning your body. There's not much of a selection but their products are definitely worth a look.

And they also have a variety of other products for sale. This includes pouches, bags, magazines and socks :)

So you see, there's actually a lot of interesting items that you can only find at Wishtrend. I would have to say that they have an interesting shop because their product lines are something new to me and that I haven't seen them on any other shop yet. I am mostly interested with their skin care products and I already have my eyes set on a few items, most especially the ones I mentioned above ^_^

I do hope that you guys find these post informative, especially to those who haven't heard of their shop yet. I suggest you pay them a visit and you'll be surprised at their products :) They also offer FREE Basic Shipping for orders $60 and above, and EMS Shipping for orders $120 and above. Yay~


  1. I haven't heard about before. The products look great.I love Korean product too :)

    thanks for following. I'm following you now ^-^

  2. everything here is new to me omg hehe

  3. i love korean but i dont review that much to their products.\..Thanks for sharing this
    btw mind to fllw each other?

  4. Thanks for the review of our products. You can see more products at ! Wishtrend will be the hub of Korean cosmetics. Thanks again and have a wonderful day !