Monday, June 25, 2012

Review: Dearlee Gold Color Glitter Nail Polish from Born Pretty Store

Finally got the chance to try on my new Dearlee Gold Color Glitter Nail Polish from Born Pretty Store. They sent it to me for review purposes but it has not in any way affected my whole point of view, opinion and thoughts on this product :)

At first glance you might be thinking its an OPI, but I'm telling you its not because such nail polish is so expensive, and being a cheapo I wont allow myself to buy something worth that much, especially for a bottle of nail polish. Good thing I found this one on BPS, because it really reminds me os those glitter nail polishes from OPI :)

There are glitter specs of different sizes, but the most obvious ones are the bigger hexagonal shaped glitters. I'd have to say that the bluish green color dominates because of its sizes, but this shade is really a gold, thus the name gold glitter nail polish ;)

Under normal lighting (outside, without flash), it looks like a dark shade. This photo was taken in the afternoon, btw.

But with flash, you will obviously see the gold glimmer that it gives. Yay me is happy ^_^ Haha. I think this is the first time that I am wearing something gold-ish on my nails, and I feel very sophisticated with this one on my nails lol. It feels elegant and classy, something those rich girls would want to paint their nails on.

The bottle is also a chubby one, just like most glitter nail polish bottles are. But the brush handle could get you confused with crackle nail polishes, just because the handle has cracked designs.

Brush is okay, I am able to pick up as much glitter in one setting, and its also easy to apply on my nails. Believe me I am not in any way good at nail polish application but I never had a problem using this brush, except of course for man made errors like me stabbing my nails with the brush and getting the edges of my fingers dirty hehe.

Overall, its a really pretty nail polish and a very good alternative for those expensive brands that you have most likely heard about. And for a girl like me who will definitely find it hard to own an international brand (most likely because its too expensive and/or they are not locally available and buying online is not a good choice either because shipping and tax will make it more expensive than it is already), this is pretty much a saving grace for me. I love that I finally own a glitter nail polish, and I will surely be getting more of these next time.

P.S. As I was trying to change the settings on my camera, I accidentally pressed on it with a random setting and here is the outcome. Isn't this what they call bokeh or something? Those out of focus light photos wherein the lights become circle-ish and are just really pretty. Haha I cant explain what and how it is, but this bottle of nail polish certainly gave me this nice photo effect :)

Now did I get you interested with this product? IF you are, then you might want to check it out over at Born Pretty Store, or click this LINK. This 15ml bottle of nail polish retails at only $4.22, and if you use my coupon JELW21, you will automatically get an additional 10% OFF your total purchase. And on top of that, Born Pretty Store ships worldwide for free! Yay.


  1. the nail polish looks nice :) love the color <3

  2. Really love this glitter polish! Very pretty!