Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wet n Wild "Hannah Pinktana" {Nail Swatch + NOTD}

I've been meaning to publish this post last week since I had this nail polish on for a week already, but yeah sometimes I feel so lazy that's why it took me this long to write this post.

Today I'm going to show you another nail polish from my Wet n Wild Nail Polish Collection (that I won btw). This is the second out of the six nail polishes, and so far I can say that this is my favorite! I admit I was skeptical and doubtful about it at first because looking at the bottle, it made no impact on my. I'm talking about Wet n Wild's Hannah Pinktana, which I was even wondering why it was named like that when its not even pink lol. So okay on to the nail polish blahhhs.

See what I mean? The bottle even looked purplish something haha. But when it was painted on my nails, I saw how cute the pink shade is. And I dont even like glitters, but this one is just so beautiful I must say.

*Photo taken with flash* Check out the glittery effect ;)

How can it be pink on my nails but purple on the bottle? O_o

Its a very pretty pink shade on my nails, and this one's two coats only. Its just simple but you know your hands will look classy with this nail polish on.

I really really love the outcome of this nail polish. Now I know why people say don't judge a book by its cover, because you'll never know what you'll discover haha. I'd definitely recommend this nail polish to anybody!


  1. wow i love the color. I have the same nail polish but with a brighter pink that also comes with a sparkly little glitters.thank you for showing this.

    IM rc

  2. hehe yes the color is really pretty ^_^
    do you have a photo of that nail polish? id love to see it :)