Saturday, December 31, 2011

Etude House Petit Darling Nail Polish in Pinkade (PK010) Swatch/Review

Say hello to my first ever Etude House Nail Polish~ Haha. This wasn't really in my plan because I find P50.00 ($1.14) too expensive for a small bottle of nail polish which I know will just go to waste because I'm not the type who keeps on using the same color over and over again. But then when I saw the bright pastel shades of this evil bottles on the counter, plus the brush handles have this really cute design too, so yeah I picked up something in pink.

I can't read Korean, but I saw that this shade is called Pinkade (PK010). Its a light pink pastel color. I think other shades of this range are all in pastel shades, so you would really like to look at them.

I find 1 coat too sheer, or maybe I just don't know how to apply it. But really, even with 2 coats I can still see a part of my nail. And since its quite thick in my opinion, I just stopped at 2 coats.

It looks really nice from a distance :D But not closely because you will see how ugly my nails are done hahaha. I like how its a light pink.

I find it expensive because I can buy cheaper brands with even better quality, but I'm not yet sure about repurchasing. Maybe I will if it will be on sale.

Can I just ask a question? Im not sure if its just this bottle or all of their nail polishes, but since I haven't read anyone  commenting about the scent of this nail polish, then maybe mine is a defective one? Lol hahaha I find the smell of this nail polish unbearable. And when I say unbearable I really mean it. I mean I know most nail polishes have this acetone smell, but this is just too much. I'd rather sniff on gasoline and rugby than this. Really the smell is bothering me. Korean products always have this nice smell, but what happened to this nail polish? O_O

Oh well, enough ranting. Today is the last day of the year 2011 (at least here in the Philippines). So to all of you I want to wish you a happy and safe New Year :)


  1. I like the polish with one coat...very pretty!

  2. I like this shade very much ^o^

  3. That shade is too yummy. Reminds me of grapefruit!

    I've never used any of their cosmetics before, but my general rule of thumb is if a product smells bad, it has probably gone bad. I'm not sure if that goes for nail polishes. Maybe you should contact the store you purchased it from.

  4. the color is soo adorable!! <3

    from your new follower!

  5. Very pretty Nail colour.It will look good If we wear a single coating If we wear double coating It will become a thick colour.