Sunday, July 13, 2014

50 Shades of Black and Gray (OOTD)

Today we went to the Church. And I made the mistake of washing all my shoes (aka vans, converse and keds) yesterday, so today I was faced with the problem of what to wear because I dont have any sneakers to use. So I went out of my usual T-Shirt-Skinny Jeans-Sneakers combo and wore something I dont usually wear because its not really my style (but I do love dressing up sometimes).

Coordinates: Gray Long Sleeves Top (thrifted), Black Skorts (mall), Black Oxford (mall), Small Black Chain Messenger Bag (gift)

This outfit is too girly for me, and I dont ear cutesy stuffs daily because I feel like it takes too much time to prepare the outfits to wear and accessories to match and etcetera. But I will plead guilty of browsing outfits online. Haha. I love looking at fashion posts especially on Tumblr, Instagram and WeHeartIt.

Ive had this gray top for years already and surprisingly it still fits me. I got it at a thrift shop for $1. I really liked the ribbon style collar on this top. The black skort was a sale item, only $2 yay! Ive always wanted a skort because it looks really pretty. Sadly I dont think I have the height to wear such outfits lol.

Ze camera does not do justice on my outfit :( I also used this chain body bag that my aunt from Australia gave me. Its quite small, and can only fit a few necessities like mobile phones, money, cards and keys.

Here's a closeup shot of the bag. Ribbons! I love bows and this one is so cute. Too bad its just a small bag though.

Ribbon detail on the bag :3

And here is one on my shoes. Haha. Actually these were color gray, but I hand painted it black because I feel like black is a prettier color, plus it would be easier to match it with any outfits.

The weather was pretty warm earlier, but as Im typing this post as of now its raining hard. The weather is really so bipolar these months. One of the reasons why Im too lazy to dress up because I dont know what weather we will have in the next few hours haha.

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