Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: IN2IT Lasting Lipstick in Carnelian (LA 04)

Hi :) I have finally found time to blog today, and Im going to do a product review of an item which I bought a month or two ago. I hope you find this review hopeful especially if you come across this product brand in the near future.

So today's product review is about IN2IT Long Lasting Lipstick. I have seen this brand in Watsons a few times already but havent got the chance to buy anything yet, except for one or two items. Its actually pretty cheap in normal beauty product standards, but being a cheapo I still find it a little expensive haha. I think this is an Asian product if my memory serves me right.

One thing I like about the brand is that it has really cute packaging for its products. Like this lipstick for example, the outside packaging is really very simple, with a delicate and cutesy drawing and what seems to be little rhinestones of some sort. Its really really pretty!

The shade I got is called Carnelian, which is actually kind of pink/nude-ish in shade. Im not really good at describing colors, but according to the sales girl this is a brownish shade with pink undertones? Im not sure if I got it right, but oh well, its still a pretty color suitable for daily wear.

I have a Sophie Lipstick and it looks like this one, but its cheaper. I might review it here and compare the colors to see if its indeed a dupe of some sort.

excuse my chipped nails lol

I tried it on my lower lips for comparison to see the difference. As you can see, it comes off as a pinkish color but dont be fooled its actually brownish haha. And yeah, I have darker lips lol.

And after I applied the lipstick on my lips, here is the outcome. I actually like it, knowing that I am not a fan of this kinds of colors. But its actually nice and wearable. This would definitely be perfect for daily use, be it in school or work.

What do you think? I did like the lipstick after all, specially since its quite easy to apply as it slides on easily. Also its not sticky like most lipstick, so I had no problem wearing it the whole time. It lasted the whole day on me too, with occasional eating/drinking.

Would I repurchase? I dont think so. I have seen cheaper lipstick brands which has more or less the same color and is quite good too, so I might just stick on those brands. But if you want to try a new brand, then you should check out IN2IT Cosmetics and you wont regret it.

And to end this review, here's a selfie from me. Messy hair, dont care *u* haha. Till next blog post :) Thanks for reading and hope you learned something from meh :)

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