Friday, July 11, 2014

Giveaway! Win a $25 Voucher to Spend at

Ive always had a passion for the arts. I mean, I wont claim to be an artist, but lets face it. We all had that phase once in our life wherein we wasted tons and tons of notebooks and bond papers trying to draw or paint something. Cos I did. Haha. Maybe when I become famous one day, Ill call myself The Frustrated Artist haha.

So I've been decorating my new room and I'm trying to find some cool art pieces to put on m walls. I tried the whole DIY thing but to no avail. Good thing I came across, a site which sells really really pretty paintings. They have a vast array of different painting designs, from landscapes to nature and from different styles, you will surely enjoy browsing through their site. I have been looking at a few pieces which I think will fit my room. Here are a few art pieces that I would love to own, someday.

I have always liked black and white, and the combination of both colors on this piece, plus a few colorful details really made it beautiful for me. Its very simple yet very sophisticated and I just love looking at this. This would definitely look good on my headboard. 

Ever since I learned how to use the photoshop, I've been trying to do those very popular Andy Warhol pop art thing. And this Andy Warhol design is just so beautiful! I love the pop of colors, truly a very very nice piece of art.


And of course, my life long dream of waking up to the beautiful photo of the Eiffel Tower. This oil painting reproduction is truly a wonderful view.

And now for the good news... Up for grabs is $75 vouchers in total which will be given in $25 to 3 winners. Each winner can use the voucher once. And also please take note that the voucher only applies to all paintings on, but cannot be combined with other coupon. The voucher does not apply to custom orders also. The price can be used on any paintings in, including the week deal special paintings, so you can get an amazing hand-painted painting that costs less than $30 using the $25 voucher.

So how do you win this giveaway? The instructions are pretty simple and easy to do, without much requirement. Just make sure to follow each carefully and don't forget to comment back your entries :)

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  • Check out and tell me which painting is your favorite.
Pretty simple right? So goodluck guys and I'll be posting the winner in a week. Have a happy weekend! :)

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