Saturday, July 12, 2014

Born Pretty Store Wishlist (Make Up Edition)

Im trying to put together some stuffs for my make up bag, and so what better place to browse and shop than my favorite online shop, Born Pretty Store. I really like shopping on here because they're a trusted shop, the staff are very accommodating, not to mention they have cheap but good quality products and most of all, free shipping! So, here are a few items that I am eying up and wishing to own in the next few months. Come check them out with me.

Green Professional Cream Foundation - $5.54

Im still low on $$$ right now but I will sure get these stuffs when I have funds. Haha. I especially love the lip pencils (I have an obsession with lip products). Yay. Cant wait.

What about you guys? Have you bought anything from Born Pretty Store yet? Please show me some of the items you've got from, I love reading haul posts and reviews :)

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