Monday, February 6, 2012

February Purchases

Happy LOVE Month! A happy greeting.. but still it doesn't change a thing that I am loveless on love day. HAHAHA *u* But anyways, I can always have fun with shopping so I'll show to you a few bits of what I got early this February. These are form Watsons by the way. Lately I find myself shopping there because its easy to navigate through the stuffs and also because they have international brands too.

Just a few stuffs

I was on a hunt for a new toner as I have just finished my last one when I saw this on their Best Seller section. I haven't heard of this product or the brand, but since it looks cute so I grabbed it.

Its a cleanser and a moisturizer but I don't really put moisturizer because its usually hot here and I feel like its making my face heavier because of the sweat plus heat.

I also bought 2 new nail polishes because it has a been like a month since I last did my nails. The reason for my "No Nail Art Days" was because I have been formatting and fixing computers and I don't want to damage my newly decorated nails so I just left it plain and dirty >_O Trust me, it was really a pain to see my nails so dirty but I had to resist from painting them because it would just go to waste.

I also got a new replacement for my pencil eyeliner. This one is from a local brand called Ever Bilena. I wanted to try gel eyeliner for sometime but I am still unsure as to what brand I'm going to choose so for the meantime I'll just stick with the pencil ones.

This herbal soap is a local product which I think is being endorsed by our local DOH. It says its for skin whitening. Hmm I need this to whiten myself lol lol ^_^

And this, is the reason why I went shopping. I really don't know what toner to buy but when I saw this on the shelf, I decided to pick it up. Kojie-san is a Japanese brand I think? And I have heard about the soap from this brand. I have used it last year but I forgot about it because I keep on changing soaps every time I see a new one. Silly me. This time I am going to stick with this product till the end just like my previous toner.

I also saw products from Pure Beauty (am I right?). I have heard that its a korean product. I wanted to buy one of the cleansers but upon reading the back blahs I got discouraged because it seems to focus on the words "removing make-up" which is not something that I need because I barely wear make up. Maybe next time I'm going to pick up a bottle after I finish a few of my products.

And thats it. I hope to be able to put up a review on these products by next month or when I notice a change while using the items. Have a nice day! :)


  1. the kalamansi looks interesting, actually all the products looks interesting :D i never tried anything from ur haul hehe i also need some whitening prods im so tan right now >.<

    1. agree :D i have to bathe myself in whitening lotion now lol haha but then since summer is almost here we might as well cancel our plans of becoming white because the beach and the sun is calling us. haha

    2. i cant go anywhere this summer :P i need to save up, i just got sun-kissed from boracay ;) ur in cebu its so beautiful there, bantayan island is lovely i want to visit :D i want to be a beach bum T3T