Monday, February 6, 2012

Yellow Kitty

Ive never been a fan of french tips. For me I feel like my nails are naked, and I don't like to see my nails naked. But every time I see girls with french tips, their hands look really clean and classy and pretty so I thought maybe I should give it a try..

So using the nail polishes that I recently bought, I created a nail art which I never thought would look so adorable :)

Presenting my nails for this week~ Yellow Kitty ^_^ Haha lame name I know. But I think it is really cute, and I love the yellow against the pink bow.

Like I said, I hate the thought of naked nails so I used a glitter nail polish which is transparent to paint my nails. As for the tips, I used a yellow nail polish. I really suck at painting so the tips might not look good. To add details, I added black dots on the tips and stuck a cute pink bow on the side.

These cute Hello Kitty Bow Stickers by the way are sold on Born Pretty Store for only $2.88. If you would buy it, pls use the coupon code JELL73 to give you a 10% discount, free shipping :)

Now I feel like my nails are as pretty as those girls too~! Hahaha. I think Im going to do another french tip inspired nail art next week. It is really fun and less of a hassle to do because I only have to paint on the tips.


  1. So cool and cute at the same time!! I love the bows haha! And your angry bird thing! XD!

  2. so cute and interesting! and yay angry birds =P