Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recent NOTD~

Hello love month!

I don't know what February has in store for me, but I am definitely going to sleep on the 14th~ HAHAHA Yeah right. I'm heartless on hearts day so I'm just going to close my eyes than see people being mushy and all with their boyfs lol *u*

Enough of that crap, let me show to you my last NOTD. I originally wanted something dolly wink-ish so I tried the polka dots on my 2nd and 4th finger, but then realized that its not the kind of pink nail polish that I wanted so I did the rest of my fingernails in floral. I know my floral are always like these but these are the only floral designs I can do with my noob skills :D

I just added a few extra details like the dash lines to make it look like a path or something. I wanted to draw a bee but then like I said, my noobie skills cannot afford to draw a bee on my nail hehe :p

I don't know why I cant seem to make my dots even in sizes. Even if I am using a dotting tool, they are still uneven. I guess I am too noob for that ^_^

But overall, I love how the random designs turned out because its still pretty. I am using AQmore nail polish here as the base.

Stay tuned for more posts as I have a lot of things to review.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I wouldn't be too lazy haha. Bye for now :)

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