Monday, February 27, 2012

Super Junior CD

Finally blogger is back :3 Been down for days, or is it just my ISP? Lol anyways I missed all of you guys, and I hoped you haven't forgotten about me and my blog :)

Anyways I've got something to show to you.. Guess what? Taadah~ Super Junior CD :) Hehe I got it for free from LG Philippines.

So to start with, I am not really a kpop fan, addict or what. But don't get me wrong because I freaking love anything korean, from make up, cosmetics, actors, actress, kdramas and movies. I do listen to their music, and of course Sandara from 2NE1 used to be an actress here in the Philippines. But I am just not that hyped when it comes to kpop. But I do admit being a fanatic when it comes to dramas and movies O_< Haha.

At first I thought its just a CD. I have never bought an original CD (before maybe). But seriously, who buys CD nowadays when everything can be downloaded? And besides, this is the age of MP3 Players, ipod and all so yeah, I dont see the point in buying CDs at all. But I am happy to receive this CD for free, this is my first and I will definitely treasure it.

Aside from the CD, there's also a photo book or something included. The book has photos of all the members of Sup[er Junior, and I do not know anybody hahahaha shame :3 But as I browsed through, I felt familiar with the names as I have read about them from Facebook statuses of friends.

So enjoy the photo guys (though its not that high in quality).

And oh the CD, this is the one that I got. I dont know from what album it is because like I said I dont know anything about them haha.

Nice ehh? I hope I'll be able to get more free CDs in the future because I love looking at them :)


  1. OMG, you're so lucky :( I really want this CD, bcoz it isn't sell anywhere, it's totally a present from LG and not every SJ's fan can have this, wish someone can gift me one :(

  2. "I hope I'll be able to get more free CDs in the future because I love looking at them :)"