Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dearly Beloved, Are You Listening?

Lately I've been into DIY, making tees and tanks and shorts for summer. Haha. Its really hard though, since I cant sew so I just manually stitch the fabrics. But I really enjoy making my own clothes out of those old wardrobe that my mum is about to throw out. I basically went over those bags of old clothing that she kept.

Anyways today let me show to you two of my most fave DIY outfits. The first is my L ) V E Tee, which is of course in reference to one of my fave bands Angels and Airwaves. You can see me wearing it on the photo abouve :) Its one of the easiest ways to make a shirt. All you need is a blank piece of tee and then spray/paint the design you want. And you're done!

The second item I made is this distressed cut-off shorts. Actually this was a pair of baggy, old fashion bootleg jeans owned by my mother way back. I dont think it fits her anymore so I cut it and made this.

Its my first time to distress a pair of jean shorts so I'm still trying to figure out the best way how to do it, and how to make some designs on it. But overall I really loved the result and it has become my favorite pair of shorts already.

I didnt cut it too short by the way because I'm not used to showing that much skin. So the length would definitely have to depend on your preference.

And to finish my outfit, I got hold of my trusty vans sneakers. Gotta love Vans :) I think I had this for two years already and I am not going to replace it anytime soon since it still fits me haha. And also because I really like the doodle design on this. I think its unique as I havent seen anybody in my country wearing this? HAHA lol but seriously I think they dont sell it here. I got this on Journeys :P

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  1. the sneakers is really cute...!! and i love the idea that you diy-ing the old clothes... that's so nice.. =)