Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Haul: Nichido Cosmetics

As promised, here's another haul post that I am going to share. This time, I got two items from a local brand called Nichido Cosmetics. These stuff can be found mostly in local malls and in Watsons too. I think I really have a thing for lippies, cos most of the products I own are lipsticks *_*

Items bought: Eyeshadow Palette, Matte Lipstick

First up is this matte lipstick. The packaging is really simple, and the lip shade can be seen on the top. I like how its plain black and then the brand name is somewhat transparent-ish as it gives a very cool holo effect.

The shade is called "Love Potion", which is a stunning red lipstick. Its quite bold than my usual style, but not "super bright red" bold. I think this is the reddest lippie I own (except for my NYX Lipgloss).

In the photo it might look like its shimmery but nope, its really matte. But very moisturizing if I may say. Plus, it glides on really easily which is a plus for me.

And then here's an eyeshadow palette. I already have a palette from BH Cosmetics and its got way more shades than this one, but I really missed my Wet n Wild palette and this sort of reminds me of it (though the shades are not entirely similar).

The palette is called "Enchanted Green". One would think that its a colorful palette, but no its not. Its actually a simple and everyday eyeshadow palette.

I like how it has a mirror inside. And its pretty handy too. Its small and light weight, which makes it easy to fit in your bag.

Here's a close up shot of the palette.

Product reviews/swatches will be posted soon, when I find time to take decent photos. Or when the weather will start to be somewhat less hell-ish. Its really hard to take photos when you're sweating. And I want to take photos at daytime cos the light is more natural. Ugh, this really isnt summer weather. Anyways, till next time =)

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  1. nice haul.... =)
    love the eyeshadow..
    ps. i already followed you.. =)