Monday, May 5, 2014

Haul: IN2IT Cosmetics

Its been a while since I last posted a haul post. Luckily, the local mall had a sale for days so I was able to grab a few items that were quite interesting for me. So today's haul would be dedicated to a cosmetic brand called IN2IT.

Im not sure if this brand is known worldwide, but from what I gathered its an Asian brand and you can find it in Watsons. I didnt get a lot though, just 3 items cos even if they were marked down, the brand is still quite expensive for a poor girl like me (though I suspect this brand is still considered as a drugstore brand).

Items bought: Face Powder, Lipstick, Lip Gloss

The weather here right now could rival the gates of hell. So you could just expect too much sweat, plus oil and dirt. So I badly need a face powder to combat the oiliness on my face. This is my first try on this particular brand by the way, so I dont really know what to expect.

I think I am a medium when it comes to skin color, Im not really sure so I grab the Honey shade which I think was closest to my skin tone.

The powder has no mirror by the way, just a foam applicator? I dont know what its called lol. This reminds me of Maybelline's face powder refill, but this one's more expensive :(

Next is this long lasting lipstick. I dont really wear lipstick that much, and I dont know why I bought this. Perhaps because it was on a bargain and I'm a sucker for bargains ha!

On the packaging, the product claims are written. It says it has UVA protection and vitamin E. Hmm could be good.

Lol I forgot to remove the price :))

The shade is called "Carnelian" which is a dark red almost brown shade. I dont know how to describe the color but its really pretty.

The packaging is cute too. Its really simple but there are diamond like stones embedded on it, giving it that princess-y vibe.

Here's a photo of the lippie. And the stones. Haha

Lastly, I got a lip gloss to match the lipstick that I also bought. Its called a colourshine lip gloss, which I find a little sparkly (can you see the glitters?). But I got it anyway cos it was marked down at half the original price. Plus, I really like the packaging.

And that ends this haul post. I'll be posting a review of each product soon so you guys can see what these products are like, if you're curious. Also, I'll be posting another haul later and this time its from a local brand.

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  1. the lipstick packaging is really adorable... =)