Friday, May 9, 2014

Fashion Haul: New Tops

I know I shouldnt be buying too many things at a time, specially when I am so broke.. But I just cant help it when I see something that I want, its like my hands automatically pays for it. HAHA. Anyways, I bought 3 new items this week, again. But this time I bought some new clothes.

First is this statement tee. I really love the color of the top. Green used to be my favorite color. Also, I love the print on this shirt. It says "No Music, No Life". And for those who know me, they know that I am a huge music lover. I practically live under my headphones :P

The next two items I bought are plaid button down shirts. I really have a thing for button down shirts, especially the plaid ones. If I could only wear one type of clothing, I would definitely choose button down shirts. Although I dont think the weather right now would agree to this type of clothing.

This one is a light colored plaid top, blue actually. Im not really a fan of blue but it wont kill me to have a light colored piece of clothing in my wardrobe.

And this last one is my favorite actually. Its a red plaid top, and I really love the color combination. I already have a lot of ideas on how to wear this one.

And that's it. I am looking for fashion inspiration and ideas on how to style button downs. Also, if you have bloglovin, you can comment down your links so that I can follow you back cos I need more blogs to read now :)

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  1. love the plaid shirts! <3